Power. Anything. Anywhere.

Goal Zero was born from the idea of getting out and staying outside. We provide power for every experience of the outdoors.

“This is a company that tests its products in the harshest of conditions, under extreme strain, and are on the front lines of creating clean and sustainable power for everyone.”  
- Rolling Stone

How it Works

Take power with you anywhere. From on-the-go adventures, to the campsite, or an off-grid cabin Goal Zero has you powered.

Choose Your Power Station

Select One of our award-winning power stations from Yeti 200X up to a Yeti 6000X

Get Outside

Power your life on-the-go, at camp, in the backyard, or off the grid.

Power your Devices

Power all of your outdoor gear from 12V Fridges, lights, speakers, air pumps, blenders, and more.

Recharge With Solar

Complete your ecosystem with portable solar panels and recharge your system from the sun

On-the-go Adventure

Grab-and-go power for any adventure, from the backcountry to the airport and anywhere in between.

Used [Goal Zero] for an entire week in Alaska on a 6-day wilderness float trip. Worked flawlessly…"
- Scott U.


Lightweight, compact power and solar to help you hike further and stay out longer. Power should fit your adventure, not the other way around. Hang a panel off your pack and collect power from the sun while on the move.

POV Camera


From airport terminal to sailboat, train station to mobile workstation, keep your laptops, cameras, and tablets charged away from home or hotel.

POV Camera
DSLR Camera

Adventure Gear

Venture 35 + Lighthouse 600 + Nomad 10 Kit
Regular price $296.87
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New Sherpa 100AC
Regular price $399.95
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Venture 75 + Nomad 10 Kit
Regular price $283.38
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Outdoor Recreation

Gather your loved ones and bring the comforts of home outdoors.

Great for weekend getaway camping and light to medium use. Runs our lighting and my CPAP with no issues...”
- Nicholas P.


Whether you’re staking out a spot at the stadium or winding down from a day on the slopes, Goal Zero can power everything you’ll need for your next tailgate. From grills to TVs to lights, we’ve got enough sustainable portable power to keep the party going.

Pellet Grill


From glamping in luxury to roughing it in the tent, our noiseless power solutions allow you to seamlessly integrate into the great outdoors.

Portable Fridges


You bring the people; we’ll bring enough power for your next backyard bash or family gathering. Goal Zero’s quiet, sustainable power options keep the grill fired up, the lights glowing, and the music playing even after the sun goes down.

Pellet Grill

Recreation Gear

Yeti 1000X + Nomad 100 Solar Generator
Regular price $1,619.87 $1,565.88 Bundle & Save
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Yeti PRO 4000 + (2) Boulder 200 BC Solar Generator
Regular price $5,799.95
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Off-Grid Living

Go off-grid longer with our solar generator with mountable solar panels, or simply keep your essentials ready to go when you are. Disconnect from the grid, not your lifestyle.

Days of dependable power when off road and off grid. I only trust Goal Zero to power my adventures.”
- Chris D.

Cabin & Yurt

Make your cabin or yurt a home with our solar-powered kits. Keep the lights on and the fridge running to turn your off-grid living into a truly cozy cabin.

Pellet Grill
Full-Sized Fridges

Tiny Home & Shed

Units powerful enough to not only help you build a tiny home or shed, but also sustain it once you’re living or working there.

Power Tools

Off-Grid Living

Yeti PRO 4000
Regular price $4,599.95
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Yeti PRO 8000
Regular price $6,749.95
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Yeti PRO 4000 + (4) Boulder 200 BC Solar Generator
Regular price $6,749.95
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Outdoor Accessories

Ambience is everything, and it’s all in the accessories. Warm up your campsite with lanterns and lights or find other add-ons to complete your outdoor kit.


Lights & Lanterns

Regular price $399.95
Torch 500 Multi-Purpose Light
Regular price $69.95
Lighthouse 600 Lantern & USB Power Hub
Regular price $99.95

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Yeti Link Vehicle Integration Kit
Regular price $599.95 Sold out
High Power Port 30 ft. Extension Cable
Regular price $79.95
Yeti 12V Car Charging Cable
Regular price $54.95

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Up To 5 Year Warranty

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