How to Make Coffee While Camping

How to Make Coffee While Camping

We’re big fans of getting out and exploring without giving up the little upgrades that help you enjoy yourself. That’s why we make portable fridges, lights, power banks, foldable solar panels, and portable power stations that help you make the most of your adventures. 

One of the best things about camping is leaving the daily grind behind, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your daily coffee. Today we’re sharing tips for making coffee while you’re camping. 

Camping Coffee Supplies 

  • Coffee beans  
  • Grinder 
  • Coffee Mug 
  • Electric Kettle 
  • Portable Power Station 
  • Pour Over Kit or French Press 

Camping Coffee Methods 

There are probably at least a dozen different ways to make coffee during camping trips, but we suggest one of three options: 

  • Instant Coffee 
  • Pour Over Coffee 
  • French Press Coffee 

No matter which option you choose, you’ll need hot water. We love the sleek and beautiful Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle from Fellow. It’s designed specifically for pour over coffee, but you can also use it to heat water for instant coffee or French press coffee. Plug it into a Goal Zero Yeti Power station for hot water fast.  

Quick note: Boiling temperature is lower at higher altitudes, so keep an eye out if you’re camping at higher elevations—your water may boil faster than expected. 

A person makes coffee while camping with gear plugged in to a Goal Zero portable power station


Let’s be honest—instant coffee is nothing to write home about, but if your priority is simply getting some mediocre coffee into your body with as little hassle as possible, it’ll do the trick.  

Choose your favorite brand of instant coffee and throw it in with your camping supplies. When you're ready put the instant coffee into your mug, pour your hot water in, and stir. 

Pour Over 

The pour over method is our favorite coffee camping option because you get quality coffee with a simple set up that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or clean up.  

    1. Plug your kettle into your power station and head up your water 
    2. Grind your coffee beans while the water is getting hot 
    3. Place your pour over dripper on your mug 
    4. Insert your filter and rinse it with hot water 
    5. Add ground beans to the filter 
    6. Slowly pour water over the grounds until they are all wet 
    7. Let that sit for about 30 seconds 
    8. Slowly pour more water in a circular motion until your container is full 
    9. Remove the dripper and enjoy your coffee 

Interested in keeping all your pour over supplies in one compact container? Check out the Vssl Nest Pour Over Kit and Coffee Grinder. The kit stacks up together with everything you need and if you get the grinder it will nest in with everything else.  

French Press 

French press coffee can be a little messier than the pour over method, but it’s still a great simple solution for easy coffee while camping.  

    1. Plug your kettle into your power station and heat up your water 
    2. Grind your coffee beans while the water is getting hot 
    3. Remove the plunger 
    4. Put coffee grounds into the chamber 
    5. Add water and stir 
    6. Reinsert the plunger  
    7. Let your coffee brew for 3-5 minutes 
    8. Slowly press the plunger down 
    9. Pour out your coffee 
    10. Clean the grounds out of the mesh plunger and chamber

If you’re making coffee for a group, we’d suggest a classic French press. If you’re making it just for yourself, there are great travel mug options.  

What power station should you use to make coffee when camping? 

Electric kettles and other appliances with heating elements need a lot of power. We use the Yeti 1500X power station (or larger) for camping coffee on our trips because it’s portable enough to carry, but powerful enough to run appliances with heating elements—this is handy when making coffee, but also helpful when cooking other meals.  

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