Power. It’s an afterthought for those of us that have it constantly at our fingertips. When we don’t have it, light isn’t all that we lose. The modern world is so tied to technology that an upbringing without access to power makes escaping poverty almost impossible.

In April, 2015 we partnered with Tifie Humanitarian and Point Innovate and sent our employees with solar panels , lights and rechargers to the village of Kushea, Ghana, to power up a small technology center. The project will provide schoolchildren and villagers access to a better, brighter future.

"Going to Africa is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that everyone dreams of doing someday. I met some truly amazing people from such different walks of life, they taught me so much." - Kristen Woods, Operations

"Having access to computers and light better enables these students to make a difference in their lives, community and country." - Hunter Johnson, Customer Solutions

“For Goal Zero giving back is in our roots, we started as a humanitarian company. Yes, we give back, but we also give GZ employees the chance to go see the impact that we make.” - Ryan Baylis, Marketing

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