Our line of portable USB power banks gives you power on the go, with up to seven full charges of your USB, USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning devices.

Quick and Easy Power

A little boost can go a long way. Never get caught without the power you need to talk, text, and share with the people who matter most. Our lightweight, compact power banks are perfect for powering smartphones, boosting tablets, and giving extra juice to your essential small devices and wearables while on the move.

Meet the Flip Family

  • Easy Charging - Standard USB flip-tip for charging-in experience.
  • Simple USB Output - Plug in and go. No on/off switches to mess with.
  • Know Before You Go - Easy-to-read LED indicator displays battery levels and charging status.
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What is a Switch 10 Power Bank?

  • Lightweight and rugged power bank with a 1.5A USB output for charging up phones and other USB-powered devices.
  • Charge in and out simultaneously with pass-through power capacity.
  • Make it a multi-tool with our USB-powered Fan and Flashlight attachments.
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Benefits of the Guide 10

  • Portable battery pack for power-hungry gear. USB output for recharging phones and boosting tablets.
  • Removable, rechargeable AA batteries charge up from the sun or any USB port, then power your phone or gear.
  • Pair with a Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel to rapidly charge while on the go.
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Venture Features

  • Packable power banks ideal for charging phones, tablets, cameras, and other USB-powered gear multiple times.
  • Rubberized and ruggedized to withstand wet, unpredictable weather or handling mishaps during any excursion without any coverings over the ports.
  • Optimized to charge quickly from Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panels so you can get out and stay out longer.
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Sherpa USB Power Bank Features

  • Convenient, compact power designed to give extra life to your essential electronics - from phones and wearables to tablets, etc.
  • Features the latest in thin-pack lithium technology and are handily equipped with all the cables you need to charge your devices on-the-go.
  • Extruded aluminum body is sleek, durable, and easily slides into pockets, backpacks, or tablet sleeves.
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Learn About AC Power Banks

Learn About AC Power Banks

Up To 5 Year Warranty

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