Great for the Great Outdoors

Heading outside? Take us with you. We’ve got a robust line of products that can improve your camping trips, tailgate parties, road trips, and events. Our Yeti-Ready Gear accessories, power stations, solar generators, lights, and power banks keep you running wherever you go. 

“I Used Goal Zero for an entire week in Alaska 
on a 6-day wilderness float trip.
Worked flawlessly…"

- Scott U.



What can you power outdoors?

Run and charge times based on a Yeti 500 portable power station.


(51 W):

8 Recharges


(12 W):

35 Recharges


(43 W):

29 Recharges

Alta 50 Fridge

(8.5 W)

2+ Days


Low (4 W)

106 Hours

Light-A-LIfe 350

(4.5 W)

94 Hours

CPAP Machine

(65 W)

7 hours

DSLR Camera

(18 W)

23 recharges

MIni Projector

(30 W)

14 Hours

TV (60” LED)

(80 W)

5.3 Hours

Air Pump

(15 W)

21 Inflations

Pellet Grill

(60 W)

7 Hours

Power. Anything. Anywhere.

At Goal Zero, we’re passionate about helping more people enjoy the outdoors. We want you to get out further and stay out longer—and we’ve designed a wide range of products to help you do just that, whether you’re lighting up a campsite, charging devices on a road trip, or cooking in your off-grid cabin.


Lightweight, compact power and solar to help you hike further and stay out longer. Power should fit your adventure, not the other way around. Hang a panel off your pack and collect power from the sun while on the move.


You bring the people; we’ll bring enough power for your next backyard bash , music festival, or tailgate. Goal Zero’s quiet, sustainable power options keep the grill fired up, the lights glowing, and the music playing even after the sun goes down.


Make your cabin or yurt a home with our solar-powered kits. Keep the lights on and the fridge running to turn your off-grid living into a truly cozy cabin. Or, power up tools and keep them charged in your workshop.

Introducing Yeti-Ready Gear

Yeti-Ready Gear works seamlessly with Yeti power stations to upgrade your camping trips, backyard parties, and weekend escapes. 

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Shed a little light, or a lot

Bright, long-lasting rechargeable solar lanterns and flashlights deliver light indoors and out, whenever you need it.

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