Our friend Nate Lamb recently shared a story with us about his work in Guatemala. He witnessed a life-altering surgery being aided by our Light-a-Life Lantern and Sherpa 50 Power Pack. Here is what he shared:In a recent humanitarian trip to the Polochic region of Guatemala, Dr. Jerry Brewer performed a late evening surgery on a young village girl. In a culture where females are expected to make tortillas, flat hands are a necessity. However after burning her hand in an open fire, her fingers healed with a terrible curve. In an effort to allow her hand to be flat again, Dr. Brewer opened up her finger joints to relieve pressure and clear the scar tissue. Not only did she remain completely still during the hour long surgery, she never complained once while receiving some local anesthesia and lying on hard school desks in a recently built school. It takes a special kind of courage at her age to ask the doctor for help but she knew the gift he was giving was priceless. She even returned the next day to show her gratitude with a big smile on her face and a bandaged hand.

We love hearing how Goal Zero products contribute to your adventures. Send us an email if you'd like to share your story. Photos: Tyler DeLange

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