Utah is the home of five protected National Parks. Each park consists of several expeditions for hikers, bikers, campers, rafters, climbers, and almost any other type of explorer. You'll be surrounded by beautiful, unique, and colorful landscapes as you trek around each of these natural wonders, right here in our back yard.ZION NATIONAL PARK

offers unbeatable escapes for any type of explorer. You'll be surrounded by wild life such as any of the 207 species of bird that reside there as you hike the spectacular gorge in Zion Canyon: 16 miles long, up to 2,000-feet deep, and at times only 20 to 30-feet wide.CAPITOL REEF NATIONAL PARK, also known as 'a wrinkle on the earth', is a hidden treasure filled with cliffs, canyons, domes and bridges. This park offers plenty of attractions such as off-roading, fishing, and camping.CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK

is great for auto touring, backpacking, biking, camping, hiking, rafting, and kayaking. The canyons were formed by the combined power of the Colorado River and its tributaries. Perfect for a calm float through the red canyons.ARCHES NATIONAL PARKis covered in interesting red rock arch formations. The hike to the famous Delicate Arch is fairly easy and well worth the breath taking view at the top. Arches offers several diffident red rock formations to hike around, climb, and explore.BRYCE CANYON

is one of the most unique sights you may ever see. The air in the area is so clear that on most days Navajo Mountain and the Kaibab Plateau can be seen 90 miles away in Arizona. On extremely clear days, the Black Mesas of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico can be seen some 160 miles away. Cant decide which park to visit? No worries! The five national parks are not to far from one another, making a family road trip through Southern Utah a perfect adventure. Visit the


website for essential gear to take though the Red Rocks.

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