Tread Lighter, Play Longer

Think long term. Act now. That's how we're approaching our commitment to achieve a more sustainable way of doing business. We begin by examining each facet of our operations, zeroing in on what's immediately possible, and building every year from here on out.


Taking action to reduce our carbon footprint is crucial. For 2020, our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality for all of our inbound and outbound shipments. We’re partnering with to offset all inbound shipments and UPS Carbon Neutral to offset all outbound shipments.


Our products present a new way forward in sustainable, portable power and eliminate the need for fume-emitting gas generators. But in order for our power solutions to be truly sustainable, we must examine the impact generated every step of the way—from production to packaging to end of life. For 2020, in addition to our on-going practice of recycling all lead-acid and lithium batteries that return to our warehouse, we’re working towards converting our packaging to be sourced from post-consumer materials.


Shifting the sustainability mindset to our immediate environment, we’re taking a look at the ways in which we can reduce impact throughout our offices and warehouse. To start, we’re offsetting 100% of our HQ energy use by putting renewable energy back into the grid through Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program.

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