We have the great pleasure to work with some of the best photographers in the business. When digital cameras became the go-to for photographers around the world everything became battery dependent. We're proud to have created products (specifically the Sherpa 50 power pack, Sherpa 100 power pack, and Nomad solar panels) that help these artists work uninhibited by battery life. We caught up with a few of our favorite photographers and asked them how solar power has changed the way they approach their work:

**Professional Photographer Chris Burkard

**"It's amazing to see how Goal Zero products have allowed me to not only discover more isolated places, but have the ability to wait out storms and swell to score great moments and waves against the ever changing landscape. No longer do I have to drive back hours to the nearest village to charge my equipment for the next day as chances to shoot pass me by. I can be always mobile, constantly searching, and in that constant searching are the moments that I can capture my best images. With the new found freedom that Goal Zero products have given me, I can't wait to see where they take me next."

**Professional Photographer Forest Woodward

**"From a month long rafting expedition on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, to backcountry climbing trips into the Sawtooths and North Cascades, the Sherpa 100 has redefined the way I am able to document my journey. 8 years ago, when I first started shooting with a digital camera, a multi-day trip into wilderness meant tedious rationing of batteries in order to capture photos through the duration of the trip. With the advances in solar technology, and specifically the Sherpa 100, we now have an increased ability to create images and videos in the backcountry without worrying about running out of power. This is particularly relevant for my style of shooting and filming which frequently involves using the live view with the illuminated LCD on the back of the camera set to full brightness - a real drain on power. Without having to worry too much about eating through batteries I use live view freely to frame shots that I couldn't otherwise get - getting the camera into unique positions, hitting focus when the primes are wide open, shooting into the sun or framing a shot through a busy foreground. While I always encourage folks to be intentional with every shot they take, that intention should come from a space of artistic focus - not a fear of running out of power."

**Up and Comming Photographer Jason Gebauer

**"From weeks in the Utah desert to the barren mountains of Iceland, traveling super light has always been important, I usually work alone, need to be extremely mobile and don't have space for multiple chargers or big units. The Sherpa 100 is the perfect size for me, light, compact and charges the essentials I need in the wild. When I had to decide on a Goal Zero unit to fill my needs, I was hesitant that I couldn't deliver while using such a small charger, but I was wrong. The Sherpa 100 packed a huge punch and kept me charged well beyond what I had imagined."

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