Goal Zero 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Goal Zero 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

There’s a perfect present out there for everyone. This year, wow your friends and family with power stations, solar panels, and lanterns for everything from home backup to off-grid outings. Light up the holidays with power for every occasion and enjoy up to 20% OFF and up to $1,300 OFF on select Goal Zero gear. 

Holiday Hits

Our best-selling power solutions are perfect evergreen gifts that can be used any time of year. If your partner or friend is also your travel buddy, why not equip them with our Sherpa 100AC or 100PD Power Banks? They’re the largest capacity power bank you can take with you on any airline, so you can work or play on your fully-charged laptop and phone throughout your next lengthy flight. And, if that’s not enough power, opt for our Yeti 1500X Power Station. It’s an adventure buddy and home backup hero in one lightweight package. 

Home Backup

If someone in your family is always prepped and ready for anything, we recommend one of our home backup kits. Wrap up anything from our 1 Day Kit to our 3.5+ Day Kit, and add on a solar panel to make for limitless power. When the Griswold’s blow out all the power on the block, your home will be equipped and ready to keep the lights on for every holiday dinner. 

Adventure Essentials

Get your vehicle ready for your next adventure with our Yeti Link Vehicle Integration Kit, and hook up our Yeti 1500X or 3000X Power Stations for power that lasts on the road. Take advantage of your holiday breaks and get out to explore our national parks and tourist destinations, and do it with constant power. Add on two Boulder 100 Mountable Solar Panels to recharge from the sun. 

Off-Grid Go-Tos 

The Venture 75 + Nomad 10 Kit is the ideal bundle for every adventurer and off-grid explorer. Dust proof and water resistant, this power bank keeps your phone charged and ready to capture the moment or keep you connected when you’re out in the wild world. If you need more power, our Yeti 500X + Nomad 50 Solar Generator lets you hook up your pellet grill while you’re tailgating and keeps your essentials charged all at once. 

Stocking Stuffers

For presents small but mighty, we’d suggest opting for a light or lantern to brighten your holidays. Our Crush Light Chroma is a colorful gift that smashes down to carry with you wherever you wander. For a string of lights that offer color-changing fun, go with our Light-a-Life Mini 4-Pack with Shades

20% Off!

Take part of our holiday sale with 20% off select portable power stations, solar powered generators, home backup systems, and lights & lanterns. This is your chance to scoop up our mightiest power solutions at a fraction of the price.


Goal Zero 2022 Holiday Sale - Up to 20% OFF and Up to $1,300 OFF on select products


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