Meet Jenna Spesard and Guillaume Dutilh.

Roughly two years ago they realized they had become bored with their jobs and daily routines. Then they discovered tiny houses. Construction on their tiny home eventually began and they have now been on the road for over a year pursuing Jenna’s dream of writing and Guillaume’s passion for photography.

"There’s something magical about road-tripping without a plan. I enjoy getting lost in nature; it creates just enough vulnerability to truly discover your surroundings, and to fall in love. And I was falling in love with the music and scent of this fresh landscape. While wandering through British Columbia, Guillaume and I created a series of private wilderness retreats by positioning our cabin on wheels in picturesque landscapes. Our ever-changing backyard became a Garden of Eden. We couldn’t wait to explore the mysterious terrain and spent our days hiking the hills, canoeing the ponds, fishing the streams and basking in summer sunsets. Every night I fell asleep gazing through my skylight, admiring a new angle of the Milky Way," says Jenna. "A popular mantra among road-trippers is 'Home is where you park it.' Even though our tiny abode has found us many other homes since, I yearn to return to my peaceful, wild home in British Columbia."

Jenna and Guillaume’s tiny home has 125 square feet on the bottom floor with a 60 square foot loft. They began construction in September of 2013 and hit the road exactly one year later. It took more than 1,000 hours to complete and came in under $30,000, which isn’t too bad when you consider the average home in America goes for around $360K.

“Guillaume and I have grown as travelers, individuals and as partners in crime. Over the past year, we have collected memories instead of possessions, and we’re happier now than ever before!” says Jenna

To read more about Guillaume, Jenna and their dog Salies visit tinyhousegiantjourney.com

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