Portable Fridge Shopping Tips

Portable Fridge Shopping Tips

A portable fridge can seriously improve camping trips, road trips, summer barbecues, tailgates, and more. You can keep food and drinks colder for longer and pack more since you’re not using precious cooler space on ice. Today we’re sharing our tips for what to look for when you’re shopping for a portable fridge. 

What To Look for In a Portable Fridge and Freezer 

Prioritize Efficiency 

A portable refrigerator should be efficient so you can run it as long as possible on as little power as possible. This is particularly helpful if you want to use your fridge away from the car. Just plug it into your portable power station and enjoy your adventure.  

Check the Temperature Range 

A good portable fridge should double as a freezer. Make sure you choose one that has a wide enough temperature range to cool or freeze your food, depending on what you’ve packed.  

Measure for Space 

We love installing portable fridge/freezers in vans and RV. If you’re planning on using your fridge in a vehicle, we recommend choosing the spot for your fridge ahead of time and measuring to make sure it will fit well.  

Check the Noise Rating 

Look for a portable fridge and freezer with a low noise output so you can enjoy your off-grid adventures in peace. For example, whispering is about 30 dB while a vacuum is about 80 dB 

Alta Portable Fridge Freezer Highlights 

A group of campers uses the Goal Zero Alta portable fridge freezer

Our team prioritized customer experience when designing the Alta 50 and 80 portable refrigerators. They use an LG compressor and are the most power-efficient portable fridges on the market. These fridges pair perfectly with our portable power stations which can run the fridges for days on end. 

The Alta portable fridges are also app-enabled so it’s easy to set and check the temperature at any time—even if the fridge is buried underneath all the other camping gear in your trunk. 


Alta 50 

Alta 80 

Works as Fridge or Freezer 

Works as Fridge or Freezer 

Fits 75 cans 

Fits 130 cans 

Noise: 45 dB 

Noise: 45 dB 

Efficiency: 8 W average power draw at 35° F 

Efficiency: 10.5 W average power draw at 35° F 

Temperature Range: -4° to 68° F 

Temperature Range: -4° to 68° F 

Single Zone 

Dual Zone with separate control 

App Enabled 

App Enabled 

Protective/Insulating Cover Included 

Protective/Insulating Cover Included 

2 baskets for organization 

3 baskets for organization 


Whether you’re driving across the country or headed to your backyard for a barbecue, we’re excited to see you put your fridge to good use. Happy snacking! 

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