When you’re on skis standing at the top of a line that ends with a 100 foot cliff, being able pause and calculate distance, snow conditions, risk, and keep all your essentials powered is pretty critical; and Goal Zero’s newest ambassador can attest to that.

Whether or not you’ve heard the name Julian Carr before, chances are you’ve seen the guy flying head first into space with 100 plus feet below him in nearly every ski publication, numerous ski films, Outside Magazine, or National Geographic. He’s best known for his 210 foot front flip off a cliff in Engelberg, Switzerland, and has since made a career out of riding deep powder, traveling the world, and sending himself off skiing’s biggest cliffs.

“Goal Zero stands for exploration, caring, and taking risks,” says Julian. “I'm constantly looking to transcend boundaries, and Goal Zero creates the products that allow me to reach my potential. I couldn't be more excited to join the Goal Zero family.”

Carr is a Utah native and, when he’s not in the mountains, can be found on running the clothing/headwear company he founded and manages, Discrete Headwear. He is currently working on several film projects and has already logged thousands of miles on his Subaru and a few stamps in his passport this season.

"We’re excited to bring Julian to the team,” says James Atkin, Director of Brand Marketing at Goal Zero. "He’s making a name for himself through calculated moves on snow and in the business world. His passion for living with zero boundaries and pushing the limits of what conventional skiing is all about is so aligned with what Goal Zero stands for, it really was a no-brainer.”

We’re stoked to have Julian on the team. Check out his Ambassador page for more awesome shots of him doing his thing.

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