Compare the Yeti PRO 4000 and Yeti X Line Power Stations

Compare the Yeti PRO 4000 and Yeti X Line Power Stations

The versatile Yeti PRO 4000 is ideal for home backup and off-grid adventures. Let’s get into some of the differences between the Yeti PRO 4000 and our previous generation of power stations. 

Improved Technology 

We upgraded the technology in our new generation of power stations to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) instead of Nickel Manganese Cobalt. LFP batteries are quickly becoming industry standard for their reliability and longevity. 

We also added Automatic Power Switching technology to quickly switch you from grid to battery power in less than 10 milliseconds. 

More Power 

We really want you to be able to power ANYTHING, anywhere, so we dramatically increased the power output for this generation. Our new Yeti PRO 4000 power station can do 3,600 W Power out with 7,200 W surge. It can also handle 1,800 W AC power in and 3,000 W of solar input. We also gave this power station more ports so you can run more devices simultaneously, whether you’re powering your tablet or your RV’s air conditioner.  

Longer Lifespan 

The battery in the new Yeti PRO 4000 has a much longer lifespan than our previous generation products (5-8 times longer, in fact). It can last over 4000 cycles to 80% capacity, which equates to 10+ years of daily use. 

Easier Integration 

We also released the new Tank PRO 4000 expansion batteries to support the Yeti PRO 4000 power station. Our engineering team prioritized making this integration seamless. All you have to do is stack the Yeti PRO on top of the Tank PRO and plug the cord from the Tank PRO into the Yeti PRO. The two units will sync and then function as one battery. No extra accessories or set up required!  

A Yeti PRO 4000 sits in a home and recharges devices

To get a better idea of the differences between our Yeti PRO and our older X-line products, check out these charts comparing the Yeti PRO 4000 to the Yeti 3000X. 

  Yeti PRO 4000 vs Yeti 3000X 


Yeti PRO 4000 

Yeti 3000X 

Battery Technology 

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) 

Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) 

Battery Lifespan 

4,000+ cycles to 80% capacity 

5-8 times longer 

500+ cycles to 80% capacity 


4000 Wh 

Added 33% more capacity 

3000 Wh 

Expandable Capacity  

Yes: Tank PRO 4000 LFP Expansion Batteries  

Yes: Yeti Tank Lead Acid Expansion batteries and Yeti Link Expansion Module 

AC Power Out 

3600 W, 7200 W Surge 

80% more power 

2000 W, 3600 W Surge 

AC Power In 

1800 W  

600 W 

0-80% Charging Speed 

Less than 2 hours 

2 times faster 

About 4 hours 

Solar in  

3000 W 

5 times more power in 

600 W 

Automatic Power Switching 




115.7 lbs. (52.5 kg) 

69.8 lbs. (31.7 kg 





5 years 

2 years 

Temperature Range 

Charge: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C) 

Discharge: -4-104 °F (-20-40 °C) 

Charge: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C) 

Discharge: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C) 

Run Times/Recharges 


Yeti PRO 4000 

Yeti 3000X 

Full sized Refrigerator 

51 hours 

39 hours 


42 hours 

32 hours 

Wi-Fi Router 

136 hours 

104 hours 

Pellet Grill 

56 hours 

43 hours 

Smart Phone 

283 recharges 

216 recharges 


66 recharges 

51 recharges 

 Charge Times 


Yeti PRO 4000 

Yeti 3000X 

2 Boulder 200 Panels 

11.7 hours 

9.9 hours 

4 Boulder 200 Panels  

5.9 hours 

5.6 hours 

6 Boulder 200 Panels 

3.9 hours 

5.6 hours 

Which power station is right for you? 

We still love the Yeti 3000X. This proven workhorse is reliable and powerful—and if you’re looking for serious power at a discounted price it may be the pick for you! 

That said, if you’ve got room in your budget, we absolutely recommend investing in the new Yeti PRO 4000 power station. It has upgraded LiFePO4 battery technology and will last longer, power more, and charge faster. It’s the best solution for home backup power and renewable, clean energy off-grid and on the road.  

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