As the heat of the summer brings it’s abundance of sun to our lives, we thought we'd give you a friendly reminder. Believe it or not, your solar panel is stronger than your skin when it comes to the suns powerful rays.

‘Tis the season of yard work, BBQ’s, and beach days. This also means prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Although the sun provides a valuable source of vitamin D, it also has a few negative impacts for you and me. If we implement certain practices while in the sun, it can prolong youthful health and appearances for years to come. wear clothes, hats, and sunglasses to cover exposed skin use at least SPF 15 before and during outdoor activies limit your time in peak sun hours (10-2) healthy diet fuels your skin for proper defense Please take the time to review the basics of staying safe in the sun for you and your family. The following link tells you what you need to know in a short 2 minute video about sun safety. As we harness the power of the sun, let’s be responsible in how we allow it to affect our bodies. Learn more


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