Grand Canyon River Rafting Trip

Grand Canyon River Rafting Trip

Two of our very own teammates, Mary-Kate and Bree, recently rafted the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and lived to tell the tale. They took an off-grid solar system along to keep things powered throughout their epic adventure.

Mary-Kate, a Senior Marketing Strategist, shares her experience below.

Rafting the Grand Canyon with Goal Zero’s Mary-Kate

I was thrilled when Bree (a friend and Goal Zero team member) was granted a coveted permit to raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and invited me to join. With the help of Professional River Outfitters, we prepared ourselves for the trip of a lifetime.

Gearing Up for the Grand Canyon

Goal Zero Nomad 100 Solar Panels charging a Yeti 500X on the Colorado river

Off Grid Solar Systems

It was a no-brainer for us to bring along a few of our favorite Goal Zero products. First up, the essentials:

These durable and compact power stations and power banks provided us with reliable power to keep our phones, camera batteries, and InReach devices charged throughout the trip. The solar panels offered off-grid power throughout the entire trip, since a lack of Arizona sun was never a problem.

Our power stations brought peace of mind so we could focus on enjoying every breathtaking moment of the trip rather than worrying about dead camera batteries or phones. We were committed to using sustainable energy sources, and portable off grid solar power was the perfect solution.

Goal Zero Yeti 500X charging next to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Water Safety Supplies

NRS dry suits and personal flotation devices, or PFDs were also critical to the trip. We knew we would be spending hours on water that averages 54 degrees year-round, so protecting ourselves from the elements was paramount. The dry suits kept us warm and—you guessed it—dry, during the colder parts of the day. The PFDs kept us safe in the event of a mishap (of which there were a few). We were confident in our gear since NRS is a trusted brand for quality water sports equipment.

An Incredible Adventure

After packing all our personal belongings and gear, we were finally ready to set off down the river for 21 days. As we made our way through the canyon, I was struck by the natural beauty that surrounded us. The towering cliffs and red rock formations were like nothing I had ever seen. The water was surprisingly calm in some areas, yet powerful—and the rapids provided an exhilarating rush. As we floated along, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world from a perspective not many people get to see.

Experiences like these remind us of the importance of preserving and protecting our planet. Goal Zero has always been committed to using sustainable energy sources and reducing our carbon footprint. Seeing firsthand the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon only reinforced our personal dedication to sustainable practices. We have the power to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

Goal Zero employees rafting the Grand Canyon

As the days went on, we encountered many challenges, but with the help of our experienced rowers, we navigated the river with ease. Every night, we set up camp under the stars and enjoyed the tranquility of the river. It was a welcome break from the fast-paced world of technology and social media, and it gave us a chance to reconnect with nature.

As our journey came to an end, I felt a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the opportunity to experience such a stunning natural wonder. This trip was an adventure that I will never forget.

Preparing for, and rafting, the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon was an incredible adventure that offered a unique opportunity to experience nature at its finest. With the help of our gear, we had a safe and comfortable trip down one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world. We encourage anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experience to add this to their bucket list.


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