We, here at Goal Zero, are proud of the products that we make. We've always focused on designing and manufacturing quality products that fulfill real world needs. Here, we asked a few of our team members to share their favorites.


I liked the idea of the Flip Dock Kit when we designed and launched it, but I didn’t realize it would revolutionize the way my family keeps our mobile devices charged until I brought one home and set it up in our kitchen. The two biggest problems I’ve always had with phone chargers is that they don’t have a home so they end up MIA in some obscure place around the house or car, and they’re usually not charged when I need them most. I thought the Flip Dock just added a little convenience, but the reality is that it created a place that my family can always find them – and they’re always charged and ready. Today, we NEVER charge our phone or tablets from a traditional wall-outlet. We grab a Flip from the Flip Dock along with a short Goal Zero Adventure Cable whenever we need a charge so we can use the device while it’s charging. My wife grabs a Flip off the Dock on the way out of the house for a run; I throw one in my hydration pack for a mountain bike ride; my kids grab one when they’re on the couch in a deep “minecraft session” that has drained their iPads. SHOP FLIP 10 DOCK KIT


My favorite product is the Venture 30. I have both the Black Venture and the original version and I’ve used them travelling abroad, at home, out watching my kids play lacrosse, in the rain, snow and dusty terrain. I’ve also had it with me while camping and fishing and it has performed like a champ. The Venture 30’s flashlight has even saved the day when we lost power during a tornado keeping our games of UNO and Pictionary going. One of the best things about the Venture is the ability to charge multiple devices at once. We have two iPads and two iPhones that we charge and while it will give the iPads a needed boost, it will quickly charge our cell phones and have more juice for the next charge. My family was so impressed that my cousins and siblings have all asked me to give them one for Christmas! SHOP VENTURE 30 RECHARGER


By far my most-used Goal Zero product is my Flip 20. It’s the perfect size for a jacket pocket, and has been incredibly convenient while skiing. My phone battery can’t be counted on to last in the cold, which makes meeting up with friends on the mountain difficult. With a Flip in my pocket, I can give my phone the juice it needs to turn on all day. If my phone and Flip are both charged I usually get enough power for the whole weekend without even remembering to charge the Flip 20. I love its size and color- in addition to a jacket pocket; it’s great for a purse and well suited for traveling. The peace of mind this little battery gives me wherever I take it has been invaluable! SHOP FLIP 20 RECHARGER


The Yeti 150 is definitely one of my favorite products. It has even made charging in my home much more convenient. I can be sitting on my couch, lying in bed, making myself a snack in the kitchen, or wasting hours of my life on my phone and always have this nearby to charge up. I’ve used it in power outages to keep my modem running and have never gone on a road trip without it. I haven’t charged my phone from an actual wall outlet in over a year because of the Yeti and a few other GZ products. SHOP YETI 150 SOLAR GENERATOR


The Light-a-Life mini is my go to light for camping trips. I keep a couple of them in my bag along with the Venture 30 USB recharger - which works great to keep my phone charged up and power the lights (at the same time). By stringing two or three of them together around the campsite you’ll get great light for hanging out, preparing food, warding off vampire bats, etc. They clip directly onto the gear loops in my tent giving me the perfect overhead light letting me use both hands to get settled in and organized for the night. Not only are these lights super practical and bright, they create a cool ambiance in the wilderness. It’s like bringing the bistro lights from the backyard into the mountains. SHOP LIGHT-A-LIFE MINI


In the many interactions I have with customers at events and trainings with sales associates at retail locations, I try to be as unbiased as possible when talking about our products. For me personally, there are a couple Goal Zero products that make it harder to reign in the stoke. I do a lot of camping and the Lighthouse Mini has shined for me in that environment. That little light can light up my truck camper and the picnic table while still being able to charge my phone. I love it for car camping and one of my favorite features is also the little magnet on the bottom that allows me to stick it on the side of my truck for a quick and easy light I can use upon crawling out of my camper. SHOP LIGHTHOUSE MINI LANTERN

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