The Yeti 1250 Solar Generator had a a baby! It's name is the Yeti 150 Solar Generator and it's packed full of power for your next camping trip. It's older brother, the Yeti 400 Solar Generator, is also a new addition to the Yeti family; providing enough power for the emergency supply of Mt. Dew in your mini fridge. Versatile options for all your power needs. The family is complete

GOAL ZERO Ambassador Chris Burkard uses the New Yeti 150 Solar Generator to power his camera equipment all over the world. "The Yeti 150 has been the one product that has powered everything I take on a trip. My cell phone, camera, laptop, and camera batteries have all been powered by this versatile solar generator. There have been many times I will be on a trip with little access to a power source and will have to rely solely on the Yeti to keep my equipment charged. Whether I am in a tent in remote Russia or on a snow covered beach in Iceland, I have reliable power. It has really allowed me to continue to shoot images in places that I regularly wouldn't be able to. The Yeti 150 is a product that once you have used and had access to power at all times- it's hard to work without it."

This might be the most exciting thing to happen in portable solar power! Well, for now.

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