Meet The Skylight!

Meet The Skylight!

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest product, the Skylight. This powerful 6,000 lumen light is designed to work seamlessly with your Yeti power station for long-lasting, customizable light on all your adventures.

Bright Light, Broad Coverage

Light up the night with up to 6,000 lumens! This bright light raises up to 12 ft high and can light an area as large as 300 ft, making it easy to use as a work light, camp light, and more. And because it has a warmer 3,250 K temperature light, it creates a more comfortable atmosphere wherever you go.

An overhead photo shows the Skylight lighting up a wide area at a campsite

Durable and Portable

The Skylight was built to go wherever you do. It comes with a hard plastic carrying case to make it easy to take along on any adventure. It also has an IPX4 water-resistant rating so it can hold up to the elements. Use the integrated ground stakes to keep it secure once you’ve set it up at your site.


We wanted you to be able to use the Skylight just about anywhere, so we built in lots of customizability. You can adjust it from 4-12 ft depending on the area you need to light. It also has six individual adjustable light petals that can each be rotated 180-degrees up and down.

A person adjusts the petals on the Skylight

In a situation that doesn’t call for a retina-searing 6,000 lumens? No problem. The Skylight has four brightness settings so you can adjust it for each situation and location.

Brightness Settings

  • Low: 400 lumens
  • Medium: 1,350 lumens
  • High: 3,500 lumens
  • Boost: 6,000 lumens

Long Run Times

Like all our products, the Skylight was designed to help you get out further and stay out longer—that's why we created a light that seamlessly integrates with our power stations to give you hundreds of hours of light. When the Skylight is plugged into the Yeti 1500X, it will give you a whopping 375 hours of light on the low setting.

The Skylight provides light while men do electrical work in a basement

And while the Skylight works best with a Yeti power station, we never want to leave you in the dark, so we included an internal battery that can run the light on low for 8 hours—this comes in handy in an emergency or when you’re setting up camp but haven’t finished unloading your power station from the car. You can also plug the Skylight into your vehicle’s 12 V outlet if you don’t have a power station available.

Skylight Runtimes

Setting Internal Battery Yeti 500X Yeti 1000X Yeti 1500X
Low 8.5 hours 125 hours 250 hours 375 hours
Medium 2.5 hours 40 hours 80 hours 125 hours
High 1 hour 15 hours 30 hours 45 hours
Boost N/A 8 hours 15 hours 20 hours

When it isn’t plugged in to a Yeti power station, the Skylight automatically adjusts brightness levels to preserve battery life and give you light for longer. For example, if you have it set to High, it will run for 45 minutes, then the brightness level will drop to Medium.

Camping Light, Work Light and More

Heading out? Take the Skylight with you. It’s a versatile camping light and work light that’s easy to set up whether you’re in your backyard, garage, workshop, or off the grid. Light up a neighborhood barbecue, get extra visibility on a jobsite, set up camp after dark, or enjoy late backyard soccer games on summer nights.

The Skylight is set up near a campsite with a vehicle.

We know our customers love to explore new places, see new things, and share new experiences.

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