How to Get the Most Out of Solar Panels in the Winter

How to Get the Most Out of Solar Panels in the Winter

Our durable and efficient solar panels can withstand the elements and provide renewable energy year-round, but winter weather can impact your panel’s ability to collect energy. That’s why we’re sharing tips to help you maximize solar production in the winter.  


Adjust The Angle 

Since the sun is lower in the sky, setting your panels at a steeper angle can help you collect more energy. Adjust the angle of your panels as the seasons change to get the most energy from them.  

Clean Off Your Panels 

Keep your panels clear of fallen leaves and snow to make sure the sunlight isn’t blocked. Heavy snow could also strain the mounting hardware on your panels.  

Note: Never remove snow with a metal rake since this can scratch the cells on the panel. We recommend using a brush like the ones used to clear snow off of your car’s windshield.  

Add More Panels 

Need more power? You can chain solar panels together! This lets you collect energy faster when the days are short, and less sunlight is available. 

Insulate Your Power Station 

Taking the steps mentioned above can help your panels work better, but you should also consider your power station. Make sure it is insulated or indoors so that the power you collect can last as long as possible. 

Pay Attention to Energy Use 

These tips can go a long way, but winter is also a good time to be aware of your energy use. Here are a few ideas to help you save energy during the winter. 

  • Upgrade your home’s insulation 
  • Check seals around windows and doors 
  • Replace old single pane windows 
  • Turn off appliances and lights that aren’t in use 
  • Switch to energy efficient lights and appliances next time you need to buy new ones 
  • Install a smart thermostat or consider turning the thermostat down

We hope you stay warm and cozy throughout the winter season. If you need power at home or away, check out our solar panels, power stations, and solar generators to keep you going all season long. 

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