Meet Our New Ultimate Sherpa 100 Power Banks

Meet Our New Ultimate Sherpa 100 Power Banks

New, improved, TSA-approved, and ready for anything, the Sherpa 100AC and 100PD Ultimate Power Banks are our latest iteration of power banks proven to provide consistent, fast charging for your laptops, tablets, phones, and more. We’re excited to drop this new line of power banks, and we built in tons of new features that make for faster charging, more power, versatility, and durability. You can take the Sherpa 100AC and Sherpa 100PD wherever you wander, no matter if you’re on a human-powered mission or taking flight on any airline.

New Sherpa 100PD Wireless Charging Power Bank charging a smartphone wirelessly and an Apple MacBook Pro through a USB-C cable at the same time

New and Improved Features

The Sherpa 100AC and PD are both packed with new features that improve charging speeds, versatility, and durability. We built in 100W output USB-C charging for 60% more power with both power banks. It’s no problem if you forgot your phone charging cable at home, because the Sherpa 100AC and 100PD are built with 15 W wireless charging that’s three times faster than previous models. These 95Wh power banks are also the maximum capacity power solutions you can take with you on any airline, leaving you free to travel and work anywhere and everywhere. There’s no worry if you’re tough on your products, too. These Sherpas are designed with a rugged, heavy-duty aluminum unibody construction that’s built to last. A color LCD display makes it easy to operate and view critical power stats, so you’re never left wondering how much power is left. 

The new Sherpa 100AC has a few features that differ from our improved Sherpa 100PD. With 100W output USB-C charging and 60W input, your devices get powered up faster than ever. A second 60W input and output USB-C port ensures you have multiple options for charging multiple devices, and its 100W AC port is just like your wall outlet at home, but it’s with you wherever you go. An 8mm solar input lets you pair your Sherpa 100AC with any Goal Zero solar panel up to 100W so that you can charge your power bank from the sun. To top it all off, a total of six charging ports lets you up the battery life on your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and cameras, all on the go.

Power Banks Made For You

We made these power banks with you in mind, which is why they’re more versatile than ever. We added charging that’s faster than ever so remote workers don’t have to stop and wait for a full charge, but rather keep everything powered up on the move. A rugged and durable construction is made for the most adventurous and tech-savvy out there who capture every moment on their camera. And, both the Sherpa 100AC and Sherpa 100PD feature 95 watt-hours of power, which is the maximum capacity power bank you can take with you on any airline. 

These Sherpa Power Banks are made to last for the long haul. For additional peace of mind, we’re also backing the 100AC and 100PD with a leading 2-year warranty. Go ahead and consistently travel, adventure, and work with your Sherpa Power Banks — it’s what they’re built for.  

New Sherpa 100AC Wireless Charging Power Bank with the Nomad 20 Solar Panel

Why We Made The Sherpa 100AC and 100PD

For remote workers and weekend adventurers who need laptop level power on the go, Goal Zero's Sherpa 100AC and 100PD ultimate power banks are the most powerful, versatile, and durable on the market. We designed these power banks for everyone who wants to work from the beach, an airplane, or on the road. They pack a punch with 95Wh of power, and they’re made to last with a durable construction and lasting charging capabilities.

So go ahead and hit the road, or wherever your adventures are taking you, and carry a charge anywhere you go.

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