The fourth is packed with family, friends, fun and our personal favorite, the sun. Take advantage of your freedom and celebrate Independence Day solar style. Some of the top activities to celebrate America include: camping/hiking, heading to the beach, having a barbecue and of course checking out the fireworks. See how solar power can amplify your good times.

Keeping the Party Alive with Panels

If you’re hitting up the purple mountain majesties with the whole gang and family for the Fourth, solar power is always a good idea. Don’t worry about getting lost on your week long trip through any of America’s lovely natural parks. Keep your GPS charged with our solar panels.

If you find yourself headed towards water, you’re solar power has a number of things it can provide to ensure your day is perfect. After you surf, play volleyball and catch your own sun rays, a solar panel can keep your Kindle or Nook charged as you relax and read. If you must, charge your phone to keep connected. If you’re having a BBQ and plan on grilling the works, be sure to have some patriotic tunes to keep the guests entertained. Have your Rock Out Portable Speakers set and ready to go. In the name of summer and The Boss (Springsteen), we recommend having “Born in the USA” on hand. Of all the potential activities for the Fourth of July, finding fireworks is the universal must-see. If you’re out all day in the sun, collect energy and store it. Once you have the power, you can charge your camera and keep it prepped to capture all the memories.

Have Fun, Be Safe and Go Big

So roast your hot dogs over the campfire, enjoy a cold one and eat burgers at your BBQ, or do whatever it is that makes you appreciate the freedom you have to live your life untethered. But however you plan to take advantage of this awesome day, join us in simply saying “Happy Birthday, America.”

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