On the drive up to Silverton from New Mexico, we were greeted by classic alpenglow. Grayson couldn’t help himself and had to stop and snap a few photos. Needless to say I was extremely excited to see fresh pow and BIG mountains!

The double chair at Silverton puts you up to a saddle on a very impressive ridgeline. From there you have the option to ski right down, hike a few minutes or all the way to the top of the billboard (when open) that you see in the photo above. Before the iconic billboard the ridge is littered with amazing chutes and flanks that rival the best steeps in Chamonix.

That perfect 13,000 ft Colorado pow.

The next day we were greeted with bottomless fresh coldsmoke. Local pro Sven Brunso was kind enough to show us his secret stash and the day was non-stop laps with every turn getting deeper and every smile getting bigger. Best day of the year so far!

Mama like…

This ain’t no “smile for the camera” pow shot… 100% authentic stoke.

A day well spent with good friends and pow deserves a tasty Aspen Brewing Co. IPA. After a few days of snow and socked in conditions, we were finally greeted with a few days of sun. Early morning turns and perfect conditions were more than we could ask for. The stoke was high!

Oh why hello sexy untracked line…

Yup, you were even better than you looked

Silverton shuttle at your service. Do not open signs and local stoke is free of charge.

That moment when light, snow, and a gust of wind creates magic. Needless to say, time is irrelevant in Silverton. The entire week was a blur of giddy pow turns and big lines. Losing track of what day it is, is standard. Life is simplified to early mornings, breakfast burritos, skin tracks, freshies, great people, cold beer, pizza, and sleep. As they say on the back of shampoo bottles, “Repeat if necessary”... Well boys and girls, lather up because yes, it’s very very necessary. Cheers to you Silverton! All photos by Grayson Schafferwww.graysonschaffer.com

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