Goal Zero focuses on making products that make lives easier. Whether you’re an adventure photographer like GZ Ambassador Chris Burkard, a student, a commuter, or a working mom, we make products for you. We make products that we are proud to use in our own lives. Here are a few of our staff favorites:

As a photography and cinema student I spend most of my time out on projects that take me away from any source of power. Some projects can take all day, so getting a good charge for my camera batteries and phone is crucial. The Sherpa 50 is the greatest piece of equipment I have in my arsenal, it’s lightweight enough to carry around and it provides charges for my camera batteries and phone. It definitely keeps me on top of my game. Thanks to the Sherpa I am able to get any shot I can dream up and stay connected to those I love.


-Itallo, GZ Support

Of all the great Goal Zero products I own, the Torch 250 sees the most use by far. I first started to recognize its usefulness during a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro earlier this year. It quickly became my go-to gadget. Tent lantern – check. Phone charger – got it. Midnight spotlight – done. Integrated solar kept it topped during day treks, with the option of cranking when the sun isn’t cooperative. I’ve actually found it to be even more useful at home than in the field. Most days it sees action searching the garage, wrenching under the hood, illuminating a dark closet, or reviving a dead iPad. I use it just about everywhere.

-Sterling, GZ Product Development

As an everyday commuter, my phone is constantly streaming something, whether it’s the latest 99% Invisible Podcast or some Tycho to chill out to while riding my bike to the train station. My phone’s battery is constantly drained by the end of the day. Luckily I carry a Switch 10 with me everyday to keep it going. I also love that I can toss the flashlight tip in my bag if I’m ever in need of some extra light.

-Ryan, GZ Brand Content

As a weekend warrior, the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator perfectly suits my power needs. It’s easy to take on our family fishing trips to inflate our float tubes or to light up camp for late night board games. When we’re not at the campground, it puts my mind at ease to have it plugged in my storage room, ready for the unexpected power outage. The Yeti 150 also only weighs about 12 lbs. so it isn’t a beast to throw in the back seat of our car to power all the road trip entertainment for the kiddos. It’s quiet, powerful and versatile enough for any weekend adventure.

-Stacie, GZ Ecommerce

Have your own Goal Zero product story? Send us an email and tell us about it, if it's something we use in the future we'll make it worth your while.

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