Goal Zero joins the NRG family

A few weeks ago, Goal Zero became part of the NRG Energy, Inc. family. You may be wondering who NRG is and what this means for Goal Zero and our customers. To put it frankly, we’re stoked. Why? Because becoming part of the NRG family will allow us to drive innovation, create better products and empower more people throughout the world.

“Our mission is to put reliable power in the hands of every human on earth. Being part of NRG, a company that is similarly aligned, allows us to reach this goal in a much more powerful way. We exist to do good, to empower people everywhere,” said Robert Workman, founder of Goal Zero. “Both Goal Zero and NRG have similar give-back initiatives. Both companies have proven track records of helping those in need with services and products. Whether it is lighting a hut in Congo or a school in Haiti, we are focused on improving the lives of every human on this earth."

Who is NRG? They’re a Fortune 250 company driving innovation in solar and renewable power, electric vehicle ecosystems, carbon capture technology, and customer-centric energy solutions. Its retail electricity providers serve almost 3 million residential and commercial customers throughout the country. In addition, NRG shares Goal Zero’s passion for humanitarian work.

What does it mean for Goal Zero? As in any acquisition there will be change. Change tends to make people uncomfortable; however, we joined NRG to benefit you, our customers. NRG is one of the most forward thinking energy companies in the world. They’re leading customer-driven change in the U.S. energy industry by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices. "We are at the forefront of the era of personal power where people can live their lives beyond the constraints of the traditional electricity system. With Goal Zero products, consumers are free, untethered and powered wherever they go," said Elizabeth Killinger, president of NRG Retail. "The acquisition of Goal Zero enables us to put power in people's hands and deepens the relationship we have with our customers."

Will Goal Zero stay true to who they are and their mission? Yes. As Robert Workman mentioned earlier, NRG is similarly aligned - they share Goal Zero’s passion for humanitarianism and giving back to communities worldwide. This is the soul of our company and the reason we were founded. NRG and Goal Zero are both working to redefine the way power is generated and used. NRG has millions of customers across the nation and supplies a large array of power options like rooftop solar, electric vehicle charging networks and access to 100% renewable power. NRG’s approach to the future of energy is why Goal Zero will fit so well into their family. We’re excited about the opportunities coming our way. We now have the resources we need to improve, innovate and expand. We want to create more products that will suit your needs and allow you to stay powered through any situation anywhere in the world.

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