Microburst + Sea Trial = Drawing board SOS

Microburst + Sea Trial = Drawing board SOS

Greg is back out on the water after making modifications to the vessel that will carry him across the Pacific. Another round of testing was needed to see if the lengthened keel would provide the balance necessary to keep the boat bottom down. During the last sea trial rough waves forced the vessel on its side - making it impossible to move let alone reposition. It's understandably frustrating to Greg. After two years of design work, to set a new world record, even the latest modifications haven't corrected the challenge. Microbursts during the current trial at Lake Okanagan reveal that more work needs to be done. The expedition is at risk unless a solution can be found. We're sending out an SOS - what solutions are available to keep the vessel bottom down when being tossed about under the power of wave and storm? Watch the latest trial here: http://a123.g.akamai.net/f/123/41524/1d/www.globaltoronto.com/2990073.bin?size=sw940nws Your comments are needed!

**About Greg and Pedal the Ocean:

**In June, 2010, Greg Kolodziejzyk will attempt to become the first person in history to navigate this notorious stretch of ocean under his own power. His plan – pedal a custom-made state-of-the-art human-powered boat 3000 miles across the Pacific Ocean, from Victoria, Canada to Hawaii. The world-record attempt is expected to take between 40 to 80 days.

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