What hosts eight sports and 24 different disciplines for athletes around the globe to compete for prize money and guarantees a good time? The Teva Mountain Games…that’s what. The 11th annual Teva Mountain Games are kick starting this week on May 31 to June 3 and our representatives at GOAL ZERO are pumped to be a part of this crazy celebration. If you’re in the area, be a part of the fun and come check us out. And for those of you who are not in the area, our only advice is to follow us on Twitter @GoalZeroSolar or follow us on Instagram for a taste @GoalZero.

We are always stoked when the Teva Mountain Games roll around because we actually launched our company there in 2010, and we keep going back for more. These upcoming three days are jam-packed with of some of the best things life has to offer: sports, music, and art in Vail Valley, Colorado. It’s all about celebrating the ability to live a free life full of activities. Amateur athletes and professional athletes from anywhere in the world will gather for the games to compete and dominate mountain-centric sports for serious adventure and cash. The events are guaranteed to defy gravity, and we want to be there for the athletes that are about to throw down. We love us some Teva Mountain Games because the whole event embodies what we believe in, living an adventurous life with no boundaries. A couple of extreme challenges that will be showcased this weekend include:

  • Mud and long distance running
  • Sprint and cross stand up paddling
  • Free-style kayak competition
  • World Cup Bouldering A debuting event this year that will be cool is the Gibbon Games Slackline World Championships. This contest is gymnastic displays on 2-inch-wide webbing, and we’re pumped to see it live and in action. So what will GOAL ZERO be doing other than enjoying ourselves? Our representatives are getting in on the action to make sure the insane athleticism can be fueled the entire time. We are sponsoring the event because we want to help out by allowing the activities to last longer and remain charged. We will have two booths set up, and will be providing a charging station so everyone’s electronics have enough energy to last the whole time to stay connected and capture face-melting footage. We can’t wait to check out the pedaling, padding, and climbing. On top of it all, going beyond sports there will be tons of entertainment in the form of outdoor films and concerts. We really don’t want anyone bummed out for missing the fun, so we’ll just say again that you should piggyback off us on Twitter or Instagram.

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