5 Best Fall Campsites

5 Best Fall Campsites

5 Best Fall Campsites in the US We love the summer around here, we are a portable solar company after all; however, there’s no denying our anticipation for the upcoming temperature changes. Before we start breaking out the ski poles and boards, we like to take advantage of milder temps and hit up some last-minute fall camping sites. So grab your tent for one last hurrah and check out our 5 best fall campsites.

1. Goblin Valley State Park, Utah

For those not willing to give up on summer temperatures and still looking a colorful scene,

Goblin Valley State Park

offers a unique getaway. The rock formations are incredible and offer some rad photo opportunities; you could easily stage a Mars look-a-like shoot. Make sure you pack in your portable power, and your sunscreen. Photo Credit: Alaskan Dude

2. Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

With one of the largest waterfalls East of the Mississippi River,

Tahquamenon Falls

is a scenic water-lover’s paradise. There’s a “choose-your-own-adventure” feeling – meaning you can camp with modern luxuries, or break away from the crowds for a pristine backpacking experience. Photo Credit: OutOfTheJungle.BlogSpot.com

3. Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon

From surfing to sandcastles, maybe even a trip to the tide pools,

Beverly Beach State Park

has it all. It’s definitely a family friendly camping spot, so you can pack the car knowing the whole clan will find something to love about this place.

Photo credit: TripAdvisor.com

4. Acadia National Park, Maine If you’re looking for the most diverse camping experience, check out

Acadia National Park

From coastal getaways to rich inland forests, you can find the perfect spot here. You can even stop by and experience Passamaquoddy Bay, the first place the sun rises in the US. That’s something worth putting on the bucket list.

Photo credit: seriouslyforreal.com

Mueller State Park, Colorado

Deer, elk and bears – oh my! But really,

Mueller State Park

is a 5,000-acre playground for any outdoor enthusiast. The cooler weather brings out the best in the wildlife, and with Pikes Peak looming in the background, this could be a stepping stone to your next great adventure. Photo credit: flowercat

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