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How much light do you need? What about USB device charging? Find the right rechargeable solar lanterns and flashlights to light up your adventures.

Light Up Your Life

Illuminate every inch of your life, indoors and out. Our portable, packable, hangable lanterns and lights are engineered to brighten up any situation, from an emergency outage to a night in the backcountry.

Lighthouse Family

  • From ultra-light to ultra-bright, there's a lighthouse lantern for every adventure.
  • Utilize 360° of bright LED light, or save on power and extend runtimes by dimming the light or illuminating half the lantern.
  • Recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel or charge up from any USB source.
  • Hang, stand, or store your light with features like built-in handles, collapsible legs, and magnets for versatile mounting.
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Crush Light Lanterns

  • Lightweight, solar-powered lanterns designed to collapse and take with you anywhere.
  • Three white light settings and available six color modes give you bright, functional, festive light from the campground to the backyard.
  • Charge the Crush Light and Crush Light Chroma from any USB port before you head out and recharge from the sun via the built-in solar panel while you're on the go.
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Light-a-Life Family

  • Bright LED lights perfect for hanging outside at campsites, from the roof of your tent, or inside your house when the power goes out.
  • Chain together with additional lights to illuminate any space, big or small.
  • Carabiners and magnets make it easy to hang light when and where you need it, then break down and store away when you don't.
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Torch 250 Flashlight

  • Reliable emergency LED light whenever you need it with built-in USB charging cable, solar panel and hand crank.
  • Multiple light options for every situation, use as a flashlight, floodlight or red emergency light and save on power with bright and half-bright modes.
  • Stay connected during an outage with integrated USB port to charge phones and boost tablets.
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Luna Touch LED Light

USB stick light handy for illuminating anything from a keyboard to tent. Turn on/off the Luna Touch by simply touching the end. The Luna Touch's low power draw makes it a long lasting light solution. Powered from any USB port or perfect when used with a Goal Zero recharger or power pack.

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Up To 5 Year Warranty

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