Of all the things we love, a sick adventure and success story is up there with one of our favorites. Dubsatch Collective recently shared some footage with us of their killer excursion, and athlete Sam Cohen has something to say about what it took to make it happen: "The outdoor world has been waiting for a piece of technology like Goal Zero for years. From climbing deep in the desert to camping in Alaska's freezing January conditions, Goal Zero is the only way to go when it comes to charging your camera gear, phone, music player or anything you need. This past year Dubsatch has been on the road for months on end working hard to get ski footage and using Goal Zero to help. By camping in Alaska with a full charge on the Goal Zero battery, we were able to trust that there was enough power to keep our cameras charged and radios in check. With any unexpected snowfall we were unable to charge our things using solar energy while camping, so having a full charge was key to successfully getting our shots the way we wanted them.

Goal Zero / Dubsatch Collective from Dubsatch Collective on Vimeo.

At one point we had set out on a ski touring journey that had us cooped up in our tents for days. With plenty of snow and -20 temps, it definitely wasn't the ideal conditions for Dubsatch to be collecting footage. We ended up filming a lot of time-lapse video and shots about life in the wild. If it weren't for Goal Zero, our trip would've ended right then and there. The battery lasted for weeks and right next to that, we had the solar panel for back up. Goal Zero offers one of the most amazing pieces of technology that I have seen--the thing is truly awesome." Dub athlete - Sam Cohen

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