Power in the palm of your hand – that’s what the latest Goal Zero Yeti App can offer. It makes it easy to monitor, control, and optimize your power usage and keep tabs on the status of your handy Yeti. We designed the app for simple, intuitive use, but we want to walk you through the basics.

What Is The Yeti App?

The Yeti App is a useful tool for anyone with a Yeti at the ready. It helps you monitor your power usage and check in on the status of your power station. Our larger Yetis, from the 1500X to the 6000X come with the Yeti App. You can simultaneously pair multiple Yetis with the app, and you can name each individual power station to keep it all straight. 

Yeti App Features

The app allows you to check battery level, track power input and output, and turn ports on and off. The newest version of Goal Zero’s Yeti App is unique because it features charging profiles to optimize battery life, and keep your Yeti performing at its best with the latest firmware updates. On the Yeti 1500X, 3000X and 6000X, you can choose from Performance, Balance, or Life Preserve mode, or customize your own charging profile to suit your power needs. Performance allows full access to the battery life (0% or 100%) while Life Preserve mode shrinks the capacity you have access to in favor of extended battery life. 

Yeti App screenshot - Find Your Yeti's Wi-Fi Network.


The first step in the Yeti App setup process is choosing how you want to connect. You can select either Anywhere Connect or Direct Connect. Anywhere Connect allows you to control from anywhere in the world, monitor multiple Yetis at once, and apply feature updates, but it does require internet connection. Direct Connect allows you to control your Yeti off-grid, but your mobile device must remain within 50 feet of your Yeti, and you can only pair with one Yeti at a time. 

Turn on your Yeti’s WiFi and Bluetooth functionality by pressing the Wireless button under the storage lid of the power station. If the WiFi or Bluetooth icons do not begin to blink on the front panel display of your Yeti, press and hold the Wireless button for three seconds. Select Bluetooth or WiFi on the Yeti App, and follow the app instructions to finish connecting. 

Finally, to get your Yeti online, you need to send it your internet-connected WiFi network information. Find your network in the dropdown. If you don’t see it, you can simply enter the network name manually. 

Goal Zero Yeti App pairing screen.


You can manage your Yeti App easily through the dashboard. This enables you to view all paired Yetis or pair another Yeti, manage your notifications, Yeti settings, connection status, WiFi connection strength, and state of charge.

Goal Zero Yeti App dashboard.


Your Yeti App settings let you pick and choose everything from the notifications you receive to the device information and display settings. You can change your Yeti’s name (a go-to move if you have multiple Yetis) and adjust how data appears in the app. Install firmware updates to ensure your Yeti has the latest features, enhancements, and security, and manage when your Yeti stops charging, stops discharging power, and starts recharging. As always with Goal Zero, you have the option to ask for help as needed. It’s just a couple of taps away in the settings. 

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