Good friends, good weather, good music- that's what summer is all about. No better time to rock out with your Rock Out!

What is a Rock Out? If you look close enough, you can see your ears smiling. Strap it to your bike for smooth ridin'. The Rock Out Speaker is super durable, so you don't have to worry about dropping it when your jammin'. Here are some uses from GZnation members that you may not have ever thought of.

-Wedding sound system. A Goal Zero employee thought of this one! He chained 10 Rock Outs together for the after party blasting a good mix of sappy love songs and classic rock. Yard party/ BBQ. Beach day! Strap it to your beach cruiser and head for the salty waves. Deck out your kids tree house in Rock Outs; surround sound. Blast it on the boat. Whether your 'laxin in a canoe, fishing, or tearing up the wakes, the Rock Out is perfect. Motorcycle, dirt bike or ATV sound system. Enjoy the sounds of nature and the sounds of your favorite band while you hike. Take it along for a picnic in the park. Watch movies on your laptop or tablet. iPad speakers just don't cut it. * ski/snowboard with a portable rock out spear strapped to your pack.

**Lightweight and compact so it's easy to take anywhere and everywhere. The Rock Out Speakers are very affordable and make a great gift. Fathers day is coming up pretty quick. Dads can Rock Out too!

How do you Rock Out?

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