Home Backup Is Home Improvement

Home Backup Is Home Improvement

Portable power solutions may seem like the domain of outdoor enthusiasts, but homeowners are increasingly discovering that back-up power solutions lend a helping hand around the house. From home improvement projects to emergency preparation, equipping your home with back-up power gives your family choices in the face of unexpected challenges.

Combined with a home integration kit, Goal Zero’s Yeti solar-powered portable power stations can not only power your next home improvement project but provide a safe, clean alternative to gas generators during outages.

Backup power is more than creature comfort. It’s survival.

According to a report from the US Department of Energy, homeowners in the US are increasingly facing power outages with an average downtime of nearly six hours. Having a back-up power solution ready to come online at the flip of a switch is about much more than powering creature comforts or saving hundreds of dollars in spoiled groceries. It’s about keeping those under your roof safe.

When faced with challenges, portable power solutions give you and your family choices. Lithium power stations that are solar rechargeable means you can backup essential circuits in your home to power through short and long-term power outages. Keeping lights, communications, and essential medical devices humming along ensures not just the comfort but the well-being of the folks that matter most to you. Here are just a few of the devices a Yeti home energy solution can keep powered during an outage:

  • Smartphones, modems, and computers
  • Lighting
  • Fridges
  • Medical devices like a CPAP
  • Security cameras
  • Microwaves, grills, stoves

With Goal Zero’s Yeti portable power solution and a home integration kit, you can power up to four essential circuits during outages so your family doesn’t have to choose between survival and comfort.

Plug into portable solutions to power your home improvement projects

More people than ever will be pivoting towards big projects this year to spruce up the house, with 57% of homeowners saying they plan to spend their stimulus checks on home improvement. Whether you want to do some landscape work in the far corners of your property or undertake a big remodel, you’ll need the tools to get the job done. And those tools require power.

Overloading your home’s circuits or running a tangle of extension cords to power your project to replace the deck or finally plant that garden may limit what you can accomplish. Blow past those limitations with a backup, portable power solution that can keep gear like a circular saw or a belt sander running. You’ll get the advantage of using the sun to power your outdoor project while cutting down on the noise pollution and dangerous fumes that a traditional gas-powered generator produces. When you have Yeti portable power stations as backup, the only limit to the scope and location of your home improvement projects is your imagination.

Learn more about how Yeti Power Stations coupled with a home integration kit can empower your home improvement goals.

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