An extraordinary amount of research, design, technology, and innovation goes into the creation of every Goal Zero product, from the earliest CAD drawings to the final phases of production. In our From the Engineers series, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of our portable power, solar, and lighting products, straight from the engineers who design them

We are proud to announce the addition of the Lighthouse Mini to our family of products. When we launched the Lighthouse 250, we had aimed the design of that product more toward the car campers. We received a lot of feedback from people looking for something similar that was more "backpacker friendly". Well, we heard you. This product has been designed for those who wish to go further and carry less. It weighs in at only 8 oz. and was designed to easily packed into any bag. Its small size still packs a punch with 210 Lumens, a replaceable battery and the ability to run on its lowest setting for more than 500 hours.

"The Lighthouse mini has become a cool little gadget that for me just isn’t worth leaving behind. Whether using the magnet to stick the Lighthouse to the underside of my van while doing repairs, cooking under the stars or even just throwing it in my suitcase while traveling to third world countries, I’m always glad to have this little guy close by."

-Travis Burke, Professional Photographer/Adventurer

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