What Can a Yeti Power?

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are about what the Yeti Portable Power Station can power, and for how long. We’ll break down some main considerations of general size and common use cases below. Let’s start with the big picture.

Home Integration Kit

I’m not sure what size Yeti to buy. What wattage do I need?

We’ve got seven Yeti models, with each progressive size featuring a larger battery and larger AC power output. The smallest, the Yeti 200X model, is designed to charge mobile devices and power small appliances. It’s a compact solution for short-term power needs. The mid-size 500X, 1000 Core, and 1000X offer the best of both worlds – compact enough to pack up and take on the go, yet powerful enough to rely on in an emergency. The largest can power multiple circuits in your home through our Home Integration Kit or can power bigger appliances like full-size refrigerators. Plus – the 1000X and larger can also be expanded for longer runtimes with our Yeti Expansion Systems, making them a viable option for home backup and large power needs. If you aren’t sure how much power your devices need, check out our Watt Calculator to get a rough estimate of power usage.


What types of devices can I charge?

Each Yeti features the same array of outlets, so you can rest assured knowing that a diverse range of devices can be powered by any size of power station.

AC Outlet: This outlet powers any appliance you would normally plug into a wall outlet. Our largest Yetis can output 2000 Watts continuously with a 3500-Watt surge, so they are ideal for running larger devices like refrigerators, large appliances, and TVs.

USB-A and USB-C Ports: Both USB port options mean you can charge any USB-powered device, including laptops, tablets, camera batteries, and other small electronics. The USB-C Power Delivery port can quickly recharge laptops and more.

12V Ports - standard “cigarette port” and High Power Port (HPP): Each Yeti is equipped with a 12V cigarette outlet that can power anything you would plug into a car outlet, including 12V portable fridges and air pumps. The larger Yetis feature a 12V High Power Port for DIY projects and van conversions.


Where will you be using your Yeti Portable Power Station?

Typically, our Yetis are used in three different scenarios: home backup for emergency preparedness, vehicles, or outdoors. This can also help identify which Yeti is best suited for your power needs.

In home backup, our larger Yetis – like the staff favorite 3000X – can support up to 4 circuits when integrated into your home with the Yeti Home Integration Kit. This is ideal to protect your home from power outages due to intermittent weather or rolling blackouts so you’re never without power when you need it most. Let’s use the example of a full-sized refrigerator: a Yeti 1500X can support it for roughly 21 hours, a 3000X for 43 hours (about 2 days), and a 6000X can support that fridge for about 85 hours (about 3 and a half days).

For all of you working remotely in your van buildouts, overlanding rigs or RVs, a 500X or 1000X is ideal. The 500X can provide around 10 charges to your laptop, while a 1000X can supply roughly 20 charges.

Take our Yeti 200X outdoors on your next car camping trip and you’ll find it can recharge a phone 16 times, while the 500X can recharge that same phone about 42 times. The compact size means you can charge your essentials without sacrificing vital space in your car or at your campsite.

As always, there’s some factors that will influence how long your Yeti will power various devices, but this is a good baseline. We’ve also made it super simple to see what each Yeti can power on each product page, so you can quickly figure out if that specific Yeti is right for your devices and power needs.

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