Goal Zero’s growing list of ambassadors ranges from slackliners to alpinists, photographers to explorers. The company searches for athletes and individuals with a passion for living life to its fullest with zero apathy, zero boundaries, and zero regrets – making


a perfect addition to our team. Nominated as Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic, Libecki is driven by an undeniable passion that has taken him to all seven continents for over 45 major expeditions, half of which have been solo![

“Not only do Goal Zero products help make my expeditions possible and successful, they make them easier,” Libecki said. “I don’t have to worry about my power needs, which means I can focus on the immaculate mayhem in front of me, and capture the magic, power, beauty, and mystery of these expeditions so I can share them with friends, family and the world when I get home.” Around The World With Mike Libecki from Red Frog Interactive on Vimeo. "Mike is an incredible guy and we were immediately drawn to his passion for life,” says James Atkin, Director of Community Marketing at Goal Zero. "Being able to power his insane adventures is one thing, but being able to keep him connected to his daughter when he’s half-way across the world from her is an awesome feeling. ” Ask Libecki what the hardest part of his trips are? It’s not the harsh conditions, hungry polar bears, blood-sucking mosquitoes, deadly scorpions, thousands-of-feet drop-offs – it’s missing his daughter. “Thanks to Goal Zero, I never have to worry about power for my satellite phone,” Libecki said. “It doesn’t matter where I go, I can always call home and talk with my daughter.” There’s more to come with Mike Libecki and Goal Zero, and details of his Antarctica trip with National Geographic will be available later this year. You can follow all of Mike Libecki’s solar-powered explorations across the world at

On that note and in the words of Mike Libecki himself,**

"The time is now.What are you waiting for? No excuses."**

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