Sitting on the floor in a rented office building, we brainstormed about what this solar company might be about. What we came up with was this:

1) We care about people and their human experience. It wasn't about making money or being on top, it was about giving people what they needed. Our founder Robert Workman has always reminded us "when you do good, you get good" and that's how we like to work.

2 ) We’re going to take risks in a new industry. When we started, portable power wasn't really an industry yet. It was a huge risk to open doors that had never even been approached.

3) We'll push the limits of what we knew already knew and experienced. We knew what people needed, and asked ourselves- how can we take one step further and create a new solution. We're developing solutions for needs people didn't even know they had.

Zero Apathy, Zero Regrets, Zero Boundaries became our mission statement.

Goal Zero became our name. Stick around for more throwback Thursday posts as we look back on the good ol' days.

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