Holiday Decoration Tips: Powering Up with Solar Generators

Holiday Decoration Tips: Powering Up with Solar Generators

Decorating for the holidays is a fun way to enjoy the season and spread some cheer throughout your neighborhood. We’ve collected some holiday décor tips to make things easier and help you save energy this holiday season. 

Keeping Costs and Energy Use Down 

Twinkling lights and festive decorations are one of the best parts of the holidays but depending on what you choose, the cost can add up fast—especially if you use classic incandescent lights, go all out for your light display, add animated inflatables, or run lights for more than a few hours each day.  

  • Use smart plugs to put your lights on a timer so you don't have to remember to plug and unplug them to save money. 
  • Use more garlands and greenery to reduce your energy use. 
  • Choose LED lights instead of incandescent lights. For example, a string of 25 colorful incandescent bulbs would need about 175 W of power. You can get a string of 100 similar LED lights that need less than 5 W of power. 
  • Use a solar generator to power your holiday decorations. You can charge your power station at no cost with a solar panel. Then run your lights, inflatables, and more from your power station without ever needing grid power. 

More Benefits of Using a Power Station for Holiday Decorations 

You already know that power stations are useful for camping trips, power outages, RV adventures, van life, and more. But they also come in handy for holiday decorating! 

  • Using power stations to power your decorations can reduce your need for extension cords throughout your home and your yard. This is more convenient, but it’s also safer since it can prevent trips and falls. 
  • Put decorations wherever you want. With a power station, you’re not limited to spots with outdoor outlets and long tangled cords. Want to light up a tree that’s nowhere near an outlet? Plug your lights into a power station! 
  • Celebrate the holidays off the grid. Going off the grid doesn’t have to mean giving up holiday cheer. Use power stations to run twinkly lights along with the rest of the essentials in your off-grid cabin or on your cross-country van trip. Our convenient portable power stations let you take holidays with you wherever you go.  

We wish you all a happy, safe, and stress-free holiday season!  

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