Have you heard? New Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit Announced

Have you heard? New Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit Announced

GOAL ZERO Introduces Ultimate Compact Solar Charging Kit for Mobile Electronics with Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit

Lighter and more compact Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit powerful enough to charge an iPad™

GOAL ZERO, a leading innovator of portable solar power systems, today announced the introduction of the GOAL ZERO Guide 10 Plus rechargeable power pack and the Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Similar to the original Guide 10 released in January, the new Guide 10 Plus acts as a 2-in-1 charger that powers handheld electronics, such as iPods™ and smartphones, via USB output and charges up to four AA or AAA rechargeable batteries in three to four hours. The distinctive new twist of the Guide 10 Plus is that it now also features a 1-Amp output that will give life to an iPad™ for up to five additional hours, while charging cell phones and smart phones twice as fast as the original version. The GOAL ZERO Guide 10 Plus power pack is designed to work in conjunction with the new Nomad 3.5, a 3.5-watt mono-crystalline solar panel delivered in foldable fabric housing. Weighing in at only 8 oz., the Nomad 3.5 is lighter than many of the electronics that it has the ability to charge, and when folded up, it’s about the size of a small paperback book. The Nomad 3.5 charges a cell phone in two to four hours directly via its USB port and fully charges the Guide 10 Plus in four hours of full sunlight.

Together, the Guide 10 Plus and the Nomad 3.5 make up the ground-breaking Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit, which will revolutionize the way consumers use their electronics on-the-go as the most cost-effective, compact and lightweight solar energy system on the market to date. “The mass market isn’t shifting to reliance on mobile devices, it’s already there – people do everything on their phones and tablets these days and consequently require a way to continue this new way of life anytime, anywhere,” said Joe Atkin, President of GOAL ZERO. “That’s where we come in. Consumers demanded a kit powerful enough to charge and iPad™, but small and portable enough to not be a burden to tote around, and so, the Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit was born.” Created for convenience and broad functionality, the new kit delivers portable power to a variety of USB and DC devices and will fit effortlessly into any purse, briefcase, or backpack. When fully charged, the Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit delivers five hours of power for an iPad™, two to four recharges for a cell phone, as well as one and a half recharges for a smart phone, like an iPhone™, Droid™, or Blackberry™. The Guide 10 power pack can be charged either from the Nomad 3.5’s solar panels or from a laptop via USB connection. The Guide 10 Plus will be available as a single unit power pack ($59.99) or as part of the Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit ($129.99) at major retailers in September 2011. For further information about GOAL ZERO and its products, please visit www.goalzero.com or call us at 888-794-6250.


GOAL ZERO is an innovator of portable solar power systems that power a variety of USB, AC and DC devices anywhere and at anytime. Providing a perfect blend of portability and power, GOAL ZERO products feature full solar energy systems –solar panels, power packs and accessories – each designed to work in concert with each other. GOAL ZERO was founded by entrepreneur Robert Workman, who realized the need for portable power and light through his work with the non-profit organization TIFIE in the remote regions of the Republic of Congo. GOAL ZERO donates a portion of proceeds from all GOAL ZERO purchases to TIFIE (www.tifie.org), which is dedicated to fostering economic development by establishing sustainable business enterprises that produce goods and services and create lasting jobs. GOAL ZERO products are widely available at major retailers such as REI, Eastern Mountain Sports, Bass Pro and Cabela’s. For more information, please visit www.goalzero.com For GOAL ZERO Patrick Burick, 212-715-1542 goalzero@ruderfinn.com

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