Powering your travels doesn’t need to be complicated. Take your Goal Zero Portable Power Station on the road with you.

“Incorporating Goal Zero power systems into my vans is a solution that is not only practical and affordable, but simply more appropriate than many of its alternatives for the task at hand.“
- Brody Leven

How it works

Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations seemlessly integrate into your van, RV, trailer, or overland vehicle to keep you powered on the road.

Choose Your Power Stations

Select one of our award-winning power stations from a Yeti 1000X up to a Yeti 6000X.

Integrate Into Your Vehicle

Connect the Yeti Vehicle Integration Kit into your vehicle and charge quickly recharge direct from the vehicles alternator.

Power Your Devices

Keep your refrigerators powered, the lights on, and electronics powered to bring the comforts of home on the road.

Recharge With Solar

Keep your Power Station charged while your vehicle is parked for continuous worry free power.


Rugged, durable power for off-road expeditions.

“...an ultra-potent off-grid power [station] for overlanding or camping thanks to an array of outlets and USB ports.“
- Tim Huber, HiConsumption

The Dual Battery - Reinvented:

The Goal Zero Yeti Vehicle Integration Kit maximizes efficiency by collecting and storing power throughout your journey. Whether it's by a direct connection to your vehicle's alternator or by pairing with your solar panels, customize your off-grid solution to meet your specific power needs.

Overlanding Gear

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Power Devices Off-Road:

Keep your portable fridge cold and camp kitchen illuminated by plugging into our portable power stations.

Power Devices Off-Road:

Keep your portable fridge cold and camp kitchen illuminated by plugging into our portable power stations.

Portable Fridges

Van Life

Take the comforts of home on wheels as you embark on this new adventure.

Biggest, greatest generator ever! I am using this power station for my converted van, and it gave me some freedom of not wiring all these electric wires all over the van. All of the necessary outlets you need are right on the Power Station.”

Van Life Gear

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Choose Your AdVANture:

Allow your van to be your home, office, or escape from reality. Pair your power station with portable or mountable solar panels to make your van life a getaway or a lifestyle.

Power #VanLife:

Whether you’re already a Vanlifer or looking to build out your new rig, we’ve got a solution to fit the bill.

Small Appliances

RV & Trailer

Plug your RV directly into these large power stations to keep your home-on-wheels up and running even when you're away from shore power.

Our first trip taking this camping with our new trailer was awesome. It powered all of our lights, refrigerator, and limited heat at night for 2 days. We were able to use the microwave and plug in an electric tea kettle to boil water.”
- Shelly G.

RV & Trailer

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No Noise, No Fumes:

Boondock in peace with our heavy-duty solar generators. Leave behind the hassle of fumes, noise, or bulky gas cans.

Power Your Home on Wheels:

Your devices are no match for our powerful kits. Power your 12V, USB, and AC devices easily on the go, or plug your RV directly into our larger power stations.

Small Appliances

Vehicle Accessories

Ambience is everything, and it’s all in the accessories. Light up your vehicle with lanterns and lights or find other add-ons to complete your off-grid kit.


Lights & Lanterns

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Up To 5 Year Warranty

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