Meet Your Match at Goal Zero

Meet Your Match at Goal Zero

We’re here to do a little matchmaking in honor of Valentine's Day. Trying to decide which product is best for a campout, a work site, RV, or tailgate party? We’ll set you up with some eligible contenders. 

Find Your Match 

Best Power Station for Short Campouts  

Yeti 300  

This portable power station is lightweight and easy to carry, so it’s perfect for packing on short trips. It’s got enough power to keep phones, cameras, and laptops charged with some power left over for lights at your campsite in the evening. 

Best Upgrade Setup for Camping 

Yeti 700 + Alta 50 

Heading on a longer camping trip or going with a large group? Add a portable fridge to your setup and pack it with fresh food and drinks for everyone. The Yeti 700 can charge devices as needed while also running your fridge for 2-3 days. 

Best Power Station for Tailgate Parties and Festivals 

Yeti 700 

This compact power station can run portable fridges, pellet grills, and lights on top of charging your devices—but it’s still small enough to be easy to pack and carry. Plus, its rugged design means it can handle dirt and dust. 

Best Power System For Life on the Road 

Escape Towable or Drivable Kit 

Power appliances and charge devices while you take life on the road in a van or RV. We offer a drivable and towable kit so you have options for either set up. These kits are designed to work with the Yeti PRO 4000 which is powerful enough to run heavy-duty appliances, and even your RV air conditioner. 

Best System for Home Backup  

8 kWh Haven Home Backup System  

You can’t do much to prevent power outages, but you can be ready. This convenient home backup system covers as many as 10 circuits in your home so when the grid goes down, the essentials will stay powered. 

Best Setup for Off-Grid Living 

Yeti PRO 4000 + (2) Nomad 400 Solar Generator 

Get long-lasting, renewable, clean energy by choosing a solar generator. With two Nomad 400 panels, you can recharge the Yeti PRO 4000 in 6-8 hours. To store even more power for life off grid, consider adding a  Tank PRO 4000 to your setup.  

Best Power Bank for Travelers & Remote Workers 

Sherpa 100AC 

This power bank has ports for USB and standard AC plugs so you can charge laptops, phones, tablets and more. It even has fast wireless charging so you don’t have to remember to bring a cord for your phone. It’s great for travel, but also comes in handy for remote work. Throw it in your bag so you never have to worry about your laptop dying mid-project if all the outlets at the coffee shop are taken.  

Best Power Bank for Outdoors 

Venture 75 

This rubberized power bank has an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating so it can handle more extreme adventures. It also includes an emergency flashlight! Take it mountain biking, backpacking, camping, river rafting, and more.  

Happy Valentine’s Day! For more power couples, check out our Solar Generators and our Yeti-Ready Bundles.  

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