Meet Our New Compact Portable Power Stations

Meet Our New Compact Portable Power Stations

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest 6th generation power stations: the Yeti 300, Yeti 500, and Yeti 700! 

Our new power stations have upgraded LiFePO4 battery tech, more rugged and durable design, mud flaps for extra protection, higher AC output, and higher solar input for faster charging. Plus they’re app-enabled. 

Yeti 300 Yeti 500 Yeti 700




297 Watt hours

350 W AC output, 600 W surge

10 Ports

Less than 14 pounds

499 Watt hours

500 W AC output, 1,000 W Surge

10 Ports

Less than 16 pounds

677 Watt hours

600 W AC output, 600 W surge

10 Ports

About 20 pounds


Goal Zero Yeti 300, Yeti 500, Yeti 700 portable power stations

These 6th generation compact and rugged power stations are designed for all your outdoor adventures. They’re versatile enough to help during a power outage and tough enough to handle mud, dirt, dust, water, and more. The new Yeti 300, 500, and 700 also have upgraded LiFePO4 battery technology for a long lifespan, meaning you can use them every day for years to come. Take a portable power station along on your next camping trip, use it at the beach, power your tailgate parties, or stay powered during summer festivals!   

Impressive Power Output   

These new LFP battery power stations have even more power than our previous X line products. Charge power tools, run a portable fridge, host a backyard movie night, recharge devices on the road, grill for a tailgate party, or light up a campsite.  

Tools being charged by a new Yeti portable power station

What Can My Portable Power Station Run?  

Yeti 300 Yeti 500 Yeti 700
Laptop 5 recharges 8 recharges 11 recharges
Smartphone 21 recharges 35 recharges 48 recharges
Tablet 8 recharges 14 recharges 19 recharges
Skylight (on Low) 63 hours 106 hours 140 hours
Light-a-Life 350 56 hours 94 hours 128 hours
CPAP 4 hours 7 hours 8.5 hours
DSLR Camera 14 recharges 23 recharges 32 recharges
Mini Projector 8.4 hours 14 hours 19 hours
Alta 50 1+ day 2+ days 3+ days
Alta 80 1+ day 1.5+ days 2+ days
TV 3.2 hours 5.3 hours 7.2 hours
SUP Air Pump 12 inflations 21 inflations 28 inflations
Pellet Grill 4 hours 7 hours 9.6 hours


Class-Leading Lifespan

Upgraded LiFePO4 battery technology gives these little power stations a long lifespan. The battery has 4,000+ cycles which means you can use it daily for over 10 years.*  

*To 80% of original capacity at 75° F with .5C charge and discharge.  

Superior Fast Charging 

Forgot to charge your Yeti before your camping trip? Don’t worry! It can recharge from 0% to 100% while you pack. 

Yeti 300 Yeti 500 Yeti 700
AC Wall Outlet 50 minutes Under 90 minutes Under 2 hours
Solar (200 W in) 1.7 hours 3 hours 4 hours
Car (10 A in) 2.8 hours 4.7 hours 6.4 hours


Unrivaled Build Quality

These rugged power stations were designed for all your adventures and built with portability and durability in mind. They pass testing for UL2743 requirements, can handle extreme temperatures, and have an IPX4 outdoor rating. Plus, they’re mud resistant, water resistant, and dust resistant. 

Make it a Solar Generator 

Solar Generator. Yeti Power Station being charged by a Goal Zero solar panel.

Take your adventures completely off the grid by pairing your Yeti power station with solar panels and creating a solar generator for quiet, renewable energy anywhere you go. We offer a wide selection of panels, including ground deployable solar, mountable panels for vehicle rooftops and off-grid homes, and lightweight foldable panels for camping trips. 

Tough, Compact, Versatile, Powerful 

The new Yeti 300, Yeti 500, and Yeti 700 are perfect for campouts, adventures, jobsites, power outages, and more. We built them to be tough, easy to use, easy to carry, and powerful enough to get the job done. We can’t wait to see where you take yours!  

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