Back to Basics | What is a Solar Generator?

Back to Basics | What is a Solar Generator?

We talk a lot about solar generators. They are our bread and butter, and they help us power our necessities with something accessible to everyone: Sunlight. Solar generator facts and figures are pretty straightforward, so let's get you caught up on what they are, how to use them, and what's right for you. 

What is a Solar Generator?

Solar generators use a Yeti Power Station and a solar panel to provide essential backup power. It's that simple. Two products that, combined, make up a solar generator. Our solar generators are portable, and they provide clean energy to recharge our devices or power our homes, RVs, vehicles, boats, and, on occasion, crock pots at that apres-ski tailgate. 

The Yeti 1000X + Boulder 100 Briefcase Solar Generator is one of our most versatile power solutions. It can be used for everything from tailgating to backing up fridges and TVs. With solar energy collected with the portable Boulder 100 Briefcase, the Yeti 1000X can recharge in 12 hours, or add more solar panels to recharge in as little as 2 hours. Another sustainable energy source, and an ideal option for home backup, is our Yeti 3000X + Boulder 200 Briefcase. Paired together, this solar generator can equip your yurt, cabin, workshop, or suburban home in a blackout. If you’re in a pinch at your home BBQ, you can even use it to power your wood-fired grill. 

Our top capacity solar generator is built for the most power-hungry devices and appliances out there. The Yeti 6000X + 2 Boulder 200 Briefcase can keep your home running for days on end, and it can charge from the sun in as little as 18 hours. For faster charging, you can combine more solar panels. 

Goal Zero Portable Power Station & Lighthouse 600 Lantern & USB Power Hub

How They Work

With our solar generators, power is collected through the solar panels and stored in the power station, allowing you to charge your devices and power your appliances. Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert that energy into usable electricity that is stored in our Yeti Portable Power Stations. The larger the solar panel and higher Watts, the more electricity the solar panel will generate in a certain amount of time.

Our portable power stations are comprised of a large battery, AC inverter, and solar charge controller. Each Yeti features multiple port options like AC ports (wall outlets), USB ports, and 12V ports. They store energy and deliver power efficiently. While power banks have smaller capacities, portable power stations generally have larger capacities as well as a diverse set of outlets.

Together, solar panels and portable power stations make up a solar generator. They are able to recharge completely from solar power. Goal Zero solar panels can be both portable and mountable for versatility. Our power stations are portable to make it easy to move them around and set them up wherever you need power but also powerful enough to use for home backup in a power outage. 

Goal Zero Solar Generators 

We have set industry standards for solar generators from the start, and each evolving iteration improves on our development of the product. Goal Zero solar generators have the benefit of being portable, and they deliver clean energy, which sets you up to leave your gas generator behind. 

What solar generator you need depends on your circumstances. If you know your power needs are minimal, setting yourself up with a smaller solar generator, like the Yeti 200X + Nomad 20, will be ideal for charging everything from smartphones to laptops and tablets. Our larger solar generators, like the Yeti 3000X + Boulder 200, will equip your cabin, workshop, or key appliances in your home during a power outage. It can power fridges and coffee makers efficiently, and it recharges from solar power in 18 hours, or add more panels to recharge in as little as 6 hours. 

Our various solar generators set you up for success whether you’re experiencing a power outage, or if you just want to go off-grid for the weekend. You can easily work remotely in your van with help from one of our solar generators, which can power your mini fridge, keep your fans on, and your laptop running. That way, you can have a cold drink while you edit photos and stay connected to your email. At home, our solar generators can keep your WiFi and lights on to keep you comfortable during a power outage. 

Goal Zero Solar Panels

Choosing Solar

Solar generators are alternatives to gas generators, which are gasoline or diesel-powered machines that produce power on demand and are not meant to be used indoors. They are also a great alternative to standby generators, which are larger than gas generators and permanently installed. 

Goal Zero solar generators do not need to be connected to the power grid, and they’re super portable. They can be used safely indoors, and they supply clean energy, which reduces your impact on the planet. Solar generators allow you to charge or power everything from smartphones to appliances when the power goes out, or wherever you need an off-grid power supply. Portable or mountable solar solutions let you travel or set up a home backup system, respectively, and our Expansion Kits allow you to maximize capacity as needed to keep the lights on for days on end. 

No matter your needs, we have a solar generator that will work for you. 

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