How To Live Like A Digital Nomad

How To Live Like A Digital Nomad

Living off-grid can mean something different to everyone. You might strive for independence from public utilities and need to power your home or cabin. Or, you might be a weekend warrior who disconnects from the rest of the world come Friday afternoon.

You define your off-grid lifestyle. While the general definition means there’s no reliance on one or more public utilities, you might have a different way of doing things. Either way, solar power and Goal Zero Power Stations can get you up and running. 

Go Off-Grid With Goal Zero

Working remotely from your car, van, or tent, requires you to have power for your phone, laptop, cameras, and all the rest. Cue the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Power Banks.

The Sherpa 100AC and PD are both packed with new features that improve charging speeds, versatility, and durability. We built in 100W output USB-C charging for 60% more power with both power banks. It’s no problem if you forgot your phone charging cable at home, because the Sherpa 100AC and 100PD are built with 15 W wireless charging that’s three times faster than previous models. These 95Wh power banks are also the maximum capacity power solutions you can take with you on any airline, leaving you free to travel and work anywhere and everywhere. There’s no worry if you’re tough on your products, too. These Sherpas are designed with a rugged, heavy-duty aluminum unibody construction that’s built to last. A color LCD display makes it easy to operate and view critical power stats, so you’re never left wondering how much power is left. 

The new Sherpa 100AC has a few features that differ from our improved Sherpa 100PD. With 100W output USB-C charging and 60W input, your devices get powered up faster than ever. A second 60W input and output USB-C port ensures you have multiple options for charging multiple devices, and its 100W AC port is just like your wall outlet at home, but it’s with you wherever you go. An 8mm solar input lets you pair your Sherpa 100AC with any Goal Zero solar panel up to 100W so that you can charge your power bank from the sun. To top it all off, a total of six charging ports lets you up the battery life on your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and cameras, all on the go.

For off-grid power on rugged and rowdy adventures, the Venture series is the way to go. The Venture 75 and the Venture 35 both match fast-charging technology with rugged durability. They’re for those who experience long days outdoors in dusty deserts and sandy beaches. With high-speed USB-C power delivery and dual USB-A output ports, these power banks do the work for you when it comes to charging your laptops, phones, and tablets, rain or shine.

Goal Zero Portable Power Station being used

Goal Zero for Vanlife 

Your fans, fridge, and laptop can’t power themselves when you're living your best vanlife. Rest easy knowing your devices and appliances will keep their charge for work and play with power from Goal Zero. The best way to do it all is with a Yeti Power Station. Top it all off with a solar panel for endless power. 

The Yeti 1500X is a best-selling power station that provides 1,516Wh for any workshop, adventure, or off-grid lifestyle. It’s portable and lightweight for easy installation into your van. The Yeti 1500X provides an increased 2000W AC inverter for power-hungry devices and appliances. Versatile port options make for fast-charging capabilities, and three ways to charge (from the sun, any wall outlet, or your van) keeps it simple. It’s also easy to monitor, control, and optimize your power usage from anywhere with our Yeti App. 

For even more power, opt for the Yeti 3000X. It provides 3,032Wh to power your life on the road. Charge up that e-bike and get after your favorite trail at the start of the day. While you’re out, your food stays chilled with your built-in mini fridge. The Yeti 3000X does it all and more. Quickly recharge your laptop, phone, tablet, and camera for off-grid work, and optimize recharge times by mounting three Nomad 200 solar panels to your vehicle’s roof. Those Nomad Solar Panels will recharge your Yeti 3000X in as little as six hours on a sunny day. 

Beef up your van build with the Yeti 6000X and keep your vehicle Yeti ready. It’s our most power-packed portable power station, which means it can keep your mini fridge, portable fridge, cameras, and laptop running. There are endless possibilities with this Yeti, which means you can work remotely without worry and live your vanlife without power concerns. Using two Boulder 200 or Nomad 200 solar panels will provide roughly 400W of solar and fully recharge your Yeti in as little as 18 hours. 

Goal Zero Portable Solar Panels with a charge controller

Make Your Off-Grid Lifestyle Great

Our solar generators are, without a doubt, the best way to get your home, cabin, yurt, or trailer fully off-grid. They make it easy to keep your necessities powered and use solar energy to do it all. Keep it simple with a solar generator and benefit from endless power. There is one for everyone, but a few, in particular, make an off-grid lifestyle feel as comfortable as living in a home powered by public utilities. 

The Yeti 3000X + Ranger 300 Briefcase Solar Generator Kit combines lightweight, rigid solar panels with the Yeti 3000X to power your life. Seven versatile ports on your Yeti run everything you need, from full-size refrigerators to microwaves and laptops, and the portability of the Ranger 300 Briefcase lets you carry it anywhere to optimize sun exposure. This Goal Zero Ecosystem provides a diverse range of solutions for every power need. 

Opt for the Yeti 3000X + (4) Boulder 200 Briefcase Solar Generator Kit for more solar power. This ultimate solar kit ensures recharge in as little as six hours. It allows you to plug in devices and appliances that need a hefty amount of power, and it charges and powers them all without any trouble. It’s an investment for your off-grid home that doesn’t require additional costs or any maintenance. No matter where you’re living, this is the solar generator that powers everything you need and more. 

The mightiest of the mighty, the Yeti 6000X + (4) Nomad 200 Solar Generator Kit, is our highest-capacity station paired with more solar for more power. It can be seamlessly integrated into your home and be safely used indoors. This big lithium-ion battery pack supplies enough juice for all of your appliances and devices. It’s versatile and powerful, making it ideal for nomadic off-grid folks who require a lot of power but still want to be able to move when needed. It’s a sustainable energy source and can recharge from the sun in as little as 11 hours. 

Goal Zero Wireless Charging 100PD power bank charging an Apple MacBook and a Goal Zero lantern

Live, Work, And Play Off-Grid

Disconnecting from the grid may seem like a complicated task, but with Goal Zero, it’s an easy lifestyle. If you have the option to work remotely, we have the power banks, power stations, and solar generators to make it happen. We can power your van and help you live an independent life without relying on public utilities. 

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