This week may be your time to rejuvenate from the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but for us it's Alex Honnold week. We are celebrating all things Honnold. Alex will be taking over our Instagram page this week so we can see what goes into a day of the life of Alex. With our friends over at Climbing magazine, we will be having a #Honnolding giveaway. What is this you may ask? Well in a nutshell you can think of it like Vertical Planking. This shot right here is what inspired this new Urban assault on standing.

Photo by: Sender Films We do not however condone any images depicting sketchy or dangerous situations. With that being said, we are looking for the funniest photos of you Honnolding at work, play, school, gym, or anywhere that Honnolding can go down. We’ll be picking 3 winners that can win a Guide 10 plus solar kit, Rock Out 2 speaker and a year subscription to Climbing Magazine. Here is one of our employees, TJ, already Honnolding.IMG_7390And to top it off we are having a live stream Q & A with Alex himself on Thursday at 6pm MST. The one and only Cedar Wright will be moderating your questions coming in. Think of it like a Zach Galafanikas and Mclovin sandwich.

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