Picking a Portable Solar Generator

Picking a Portable Solar Generator

Quiet, renewable energy comes in handy more often than you might think—which is why we’re big fans of portable solar generators. They can turn an emergency into an inconvenience, make van life feel luxurious, and extend your camping trip if you’re in the mood to stay a few extra days.  

We offer a wide selection of solar generators so we’re sharing our suggestions for which generators are best for which situations. Keep reading for the best portable solar generators for camping, festivals, van life, emergency backup and more. 

Best portable solar generator for camping and festivals 

The Yeti 700 + Nomad 100 is our favorite solar generator for camping trips and multi-day festivals. It’s small and compact enough to carry and easily pack, but powerful enough to charge multiple devices while running lights and a portable fridge.  

Add an Alta portable fridge to your setup for cold drinks and yummy food. The Yeti 700 can run the Alta 50 portable fridge for over 3 days before needing a recharge from your Nomad solar panel. The Nomad 100 can recharge your Yeti 700 in about 8 hours. 

The Goal Zero Alta Portable Fridge Freezer

Best portable solar generators for power on the road 

Traveling across the country in your van or RV? Our Escape Drivable Kit makes it easier to hit the road whenever you want. It gives you power to run appliances and charge devices even when there’s no shore power nearby.  

We recommend combining the kit with Boulder 100i solar panels to create a convenient solar generator so you have renewable energy wherever you go. These panels are designed to be installed on the roof of your vehicle. Six Boulder 100i panels can recharge the Yeti PRO 4000 power station in 6-12 hours.

Best portable solar generators for off-grid homes 

Our favorite solar generator for off-grid living is the Yeti PRO 4000 + (2) Nomad 400. This solar generator has 3,994 watt hours of power and can recharge in about 1 day of sun with two Nomad 400 solar panels. 

For even longer lasting power, add up to four Tank PRO 4000 expansion batteries.   

Best portable solar generators for emergency preparedness 

The Yeti PRO 4000 + (2) Nomad 400 is also our recommended solar generator for emergency preparedness. It can run multiple high power appliances when the grid goes down. If the outage lasts longer than expected, use the solar panels to recharge.  

Make power outages even easier to deal with by adding the Haven 10 Manual Transfer Switch. Once installed, you can back up as many as 10 circuits in your home with power from the Yeti PRO 4000. Plus the Yeti has automatic power switching, so when the grid goes down, connected circuits will switch to using power from the Yeti instantly.  

Perks of choosing a portable solar generator 

A portable solar generator

We love solar generators because they provide reliable off-grid power without the downsides of traditional gas generators. Solar generators are quieter and cleaner and don’t require gas to run—keeping costs down over time.  

With a solar generator you can get out further and stay out longer, knowing you have the power you need to enjoy your adventure.  

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