We can’t forget where we started and how far we have come since then. This goes back to our very first product and our first visit to the village of Bwe.

When we started working in the village of Bwe back in 2007, it was a bleak. Rounded bellies, unsafe roads, pitch-black nights and kerosene fires. We worked with a promising group of villagers who wanted a better life. After many months of planning, trips, and unintended consequences, there were many success stories that came from the area.

  • We brought in an agronomist (fancy word for farmer) who taught locals how to farm better. This resulted in increased health, more jobs and self-sufficiency among the villagers.
  • We helped bring in a grant to build a road between the village and the major thorough fare. This creating less broken down cars and bikes, more commerce and trade and safer pedestrian walkways.
  • We provided cost-effective solar and lights to the villagers who could work or pay for the system. This changed how they cooked, read, learned, listened, worked and lived. Over 25 new businesses are thriving in the Bwe community because of reliable power and light.

It’s pretty unbelievable, the difference that has been made by the people of Bwe. It’s exciting to know that this change can be made anywhere by anyone with a passion for a brighter future. These experiences inspire. Learn how you can be a part of change

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