After exploring the Canadian Rockies, my adventures led me further east. I had always heard of the incredible fall foliage that comes alive during this time of year in the eastern United States and I was anxious to finally experience and capture some of its beauty.

Arriving in Northern Vermont the autumn colors were just starting to peak, the rolling hills covered in brilliant shades of yellows, oranges, reds and greens. I turned off the main highway, deciding to let myself get lost among back roads of this beautiful state. With no destination and no idea how long I would be driving, it allowed me to really slow down and appreciate the current sights, smells and sounds. The roads (sometimes paved and sometimes not) led me through long golden tunnels of the indigenous Maple trees, past beautiful waterfalls cascading over the rocks just off the road and over rolling hills where old red barns had postcard worthy views in every direction. I spent multiple days hiking trails, driving dirt roads and exploring different areas of this breathtaking state. One of the things that impressed me the most was how clear and dark the night skies were. Far from the city lights, there was an old covered bridge where after the sun went down, the Milky Way Galaxy stretched out across the entire sky. The small pond in the foreground reflected the dark yet incredible landscape that I’m sure, not many people have witnessed.

Of course I pulled out my camera to capture these moments, but I also spent hours there with no distractions, just soaking it all in. Vermont left a huge impact on me and will always remain one of my favorite places along this extraordinary yearlong journey.

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