We’re obviously big fans of keeping the environment in tip-top shape, which is why we’re all about green technology—even down to our batteries. Rechargeable batteries are where it’s at if you’re down with adventure and the environment. The best rechargeable batteries are the Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH). Compared to disposable batteries, NiMH batteries offer an earth-friendly option. The three characteristics you should consider when you buy any battery includes checking voltage, current, and capacity and rechargeable batteries stand strong in all three compared to alternatives.



A fresh disposable battery may provide a little bit more voltage initially than a rechargeable battery, but the juice gradually drops as the battery is used. A NiMH battery remains consistent, and it provides usable voltage during its entire discharge. Rechargeable batteries allow people to experience peak performance every time you use and charge the battery.


Right next to the importance of voltage, is a battery’s maximum current. If you think about voltage as water pressure, current can be considered the water flow. If a faucet is clogged, the water pressure hardly matters. Now compare the importance of voltage with current; high voltage is great if the maximum current matches its power. NiMH batters deliver more current over alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries can deliver more current in order to run bigger devices, like an iPad. 3.


Taking the water analogy a step further, if voltage is water pressure, current is water flow, than capacity is the water available. The higher the capacity, the longer the batteries will last. NiMH batteries have the same capacity as disposable batteries. Our point here is, choosing a rechargeable battery doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice power. And just as any alternative battery, depending on what the battery is used for will determine how long the battery will work. At GOAL ZERO, we chose to develop and provide rechargeable NiMH batteries because they provide a way to enjoy adventure and protect the environment. These kinds of batteries provide a way for us a company to produce less waste, and allow people to reuse their purchase hundreds of times—a win/win.

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