Luxury Off-Grid Yurt: Goal Zero Powers Inspired Summit Adventures in Utah

Luxury Off-Grid Yurt: Goal Zero Powers Inspired Summit Adventures in Utah

Nestled deep in the trees of Utah’s backcountry, a charming off-grid yurt peeks through feet of fresh powder. Just a few yards from its doorstep, steam swirls into the crisp winter air from a wood-fired barrel sauna. At 9800’ of elevation, one would expect that this yurt would contain the bare minimum of necessities: perhaps a cot, maybe a bucket to melt snow for water refills.

The reality is quite the contrary – this off-grid yurt provides all the warmth and comforts of home for its visitors. Step inside the hearth to reveal a cozy string of lights hanging from the rafters, music wafting from the speaker in the corners, and a drink ready to be enjoyed from the blender on the “kitchen” counter.

Goal Zero Powered off-grid yurt kitchen table with a Sherpa 100PD Power Bank charging a Lighthouse 600 Lantern and USB Power Hub

The Inspired Summit team and their guests rely almost exclusively on Goal Zero, down to the Boulder 100 solar panels mounted to the yurt roof. Our Yeti 3000X power station resides permanently on a bookshelf to help keep the lights on year-round for the crew as they return from bagging alpine peaks in the winter or sending double black biking trails in the summer.

Boulder 100 Solar Panels on the Roof of Yurt

With a regenerative power source (as long as the snow is swept off the panels!), the guides can transform the humble yurt into a truly sublime experience all winter long. Rather than facing a freeze-dried meal cooked over a camp stove, guests are greeted with a homemade, piping-hot dinner after a long day of trekking and skiing hard. As an extra bonus, guests can charge cameras and phones each night to capture memories of their epic trips out.

Yeti 1500X Powers head lamps, Torch 500 Solar-Powered Emergency Light

Beyond providing the luxuries of home, the backcountry guides rely on this consistent power source for their dawn meetings to check conditions, map out their tours, and communicate effectively. Laptops, phones, and GPS devices are important safety resources needed for these debriefings, ensuring that both guides and guests are aware of the conditions for the day.

While their excursions are intended to supply adventure and fun, the backcountry presents some very real dangers that the guides must contest. The lifesaving devices critical to keeping tours safe, like beacons and walkie-talkies, must stay charged throughout extended trips. Being able to recharge these essential devices helps the guides avoid being unprepared in case of an emergency.

Gearing up for an off-grid adventure with a Goal Zero portable power station and portable solar panels

With the help from Goal Zero, Inspired Summit Adventures offers a unique and luxurious experience in a winter wonderland. Their guests can enjoy all the comforts of home, even in the most off-grid locations, thanks to the consistent and regenerative power source provided by Goal Zero.

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